Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This time...it's "PERSONAL"


1) Phil Stacey ('I Ain't Missing You,' by John Waite -- Dedicated song to his Naval Unit) - Imagine if Sting shaved his head. And wasn't hot. And didn't know how to play the lute.

Got it?

Well, that's Phil Stacey.

2) Jared Cotter ('Let's Get It On,' by Marvin Gaye -- Dedicated song to his Mom and Dad) - Jared couldn't be sexier if he was naked.

OK...maybe that would be a little more sexy. But only a little.

And his vocals were relatively good too.

Jared can ride my "love boat" anytime.

Any time.

3) A.J. Tabaldo ('Feeling Good,' by Nina Simone -- Dedicated song to his Mom and Dad) - Good. Surprisingly good.

Little A.J. just might be the best male contestant of the Idol 6. Granted that's not saying much, but at least it's somethin'.

4) Sanjaya Malakar ('Steppin' Out With My Baby,' by Irving Berlin/Fred Astaire -- Dedicated song to his Grandfather) - The whole Michael Jackson ponytail look wasn't working for me. And it wasn't working for Sanjaya.

Also, his performance was timid. And kinda terrible.

Poor boy. At least he's got his sister to console him. I hear she is verynice.

5) Chris Sligh ('Trouble,' by Ray Lamontagne -- Dedicated song to his wife) - Love the hair.

Not the performance.

6) Nick Pedro ('Fever,' by Peggy Lee -- Dedicated song to his Girlfriend) - Even if I didn't already have a fever, Nick couldn't give me one. In a Sauna. With a pile of hot rocks.

This dude is the musical equivalent to Xanax.

7) Blake Lewis ('Virtual Insanity,' by Jamiroquai -- Dedicated song to his Parents) - Acceptable.

BUT that sideways douche-y hat thing has got to go.

Seriously dude.


8) Brandon Rogers ('Time after Time,' by Cyndi Lauper -- Dedicated song to his Grandmother) - In week two, the world's best grandson continues to ride the train to Snoozeville.

How did Brandon suddenly become the boring pretty boy?

What the heck happened?

9) Chris Richardson ('Geek in the Pink,' by Jason Mraz -- Dedicated to song to his "Big Mama")
- Here's the thing with singing a Jason Mraz song on the Idol...

It sounds like you are singing a Jason Mraz song on the Idol.

I know Jason Mraz, Chris.

And you sir, are no Jason Mraz.

10) Jason "Sundance" Head ('Mustang Sally,' by Wilson Pickett Mack Rice -- Dedicated to his Son) - I wish I could tell you what I thought of Sundance's performance, but truth is...I can't. Whenever Sundance appears on camera, all I can focus on is that gathering of extra long pubic hair on his chin. It's just...so...awful.

It makes me want to shave.


judge jru votes

Uh...no one?

judge jru predicts

Sanjaya Malakar, Nick Pedro, and/or Brandon Rogers. It was nice knowing ya!


Blogger AJ said...

I actually think Phil Stacey is sort of hot...maybe it's the eyebrows? Ew.

I thought the guys did a decent job overall. The two Chris's both chose good songs for their voices and I dig Blake...he has a cool thing going.

Nick bored the crap out of me. I feel like I should be judging his behavior at a frat party, not watching him on Idol. His voice is too thin and his song choices suck. I'm over it.

Hopefully Sanjaya will join him at the bottom, but it will likely be Brandon. "Time After Time"? Seriously?

6:33 AM  
Blogger kjl said...

I totally agree with AJ...I really enjoyed Phil and Chris S., and Chris R. was pretty good too. I dig Blake as well, but Sanjaya's performance totally creeped me out.

Jru, I think you have blinders on regarding Jared. ;) He's okay, but I certainly don't think he's anything to write home about. He most certainly wasn't the best of the night.

While I might not dig the Sundance facial hair either, I thought his performance was really good. He definitely wins the "most improved" award of the night!

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We think that the two Chris's and Blake had the best performances of the night.

We think Sanjaya and Brandon will be given the boot. If Sanjaya isn't given the boot this week (because he gets the teengage and granny votes), then Nick will be let go.

The SQA Crew

8:55 AM  
Anonymous A said...

I agree with you on who MAY go home except for Sanjaya. I wish he would be voted off but I think he has a big fan base and they probably won't let that happen.:(

My faves of the night Chris R and AJ.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous william said...

Sanjaya...that delicate flower needs to go. Aww and Brandon why have you forsaken me. It's almost as if you are afraid to really "sang"

3:58 PM  

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