Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Melinda. Melinda. Melinda. LaKisha. LaKisha. LaKisha.


1) Stephanie Edwards ('How Come You Don't Call Me,' by Alicia Keys Prince) - OK...I'll admit it...after last night's boy-fueled disastrophe, I was worried that the ladies of the Idol 6 wouldn't deliver.

I shouldn't have worried. Stephanie should be a postal woman, because she delivered. And then some.

2) Amy Krebs ('I Can't Make You Love Me,' by Bonnie Raitt) - If the Idol was a college class that you could take pass/fail, Amy would pass. But she would JUST pass. She definitely wouldn't get honors. Not even close.

3) Leslie Hunt ('Natural Woman,' by Aretha Franklin) - Leslie seems like a lovely girl. And I think if I met her in person, I would enjoy her.

But on the TV?

Leslie was just "eh."

4) Sabrina Sloan ('I Never Loved a Man the Way That I Love You,' by Aretha Franklin) - Surprisingly good. She won't win the Idol, but she is totally top 12 material. Top 6 even.

5) Antonella Barba ('I Don't Want To Miss A Thing,' by Aerosmith) - After this AND this, Antonella really had to pull out a fantastic performance out of her gorgeous ass to show America that she was more than just a pretty face.

Unfortunately for Antonella (and Antonella's cute family), Miss Barba will probably be best remembered as that Idol semifinalist with those skeevy pictures. And that will be all.

6) Jordin Sparks ('Give Me One Reason,' by Tracy Chapman) - I've said it before. And I'll say it again. Jordin Sparks is like a curvier Lisa Tucker.

It also turns out that Jordin is a more talented version of Lisa Tucker.

And that makes me a happier version of judge jru.

7) Nicole Tranquillo ('Stay,' by Rufus and Chaka Kahn) - Shout-y. Very Shout-y.

8) Haley Scarnato ('It's All Coming Back to Me Now,' by Celine Dion) - This is just a guess, but I think Haley was that pretty girl from high school who had a nice voice...and would trot it out every once in a while for all the school to see/hear.

In terms of the Idol? Pretty girls with moderately pretty voices only get so far. And then, they go bye-bye (i.e.: the Idol 4 semi-finalists known as Amanda Avila and Sarah Mather).

Hey Haley? Maybe you should look into the wonderful world of pageants...I bet you'd do VERY well there.

9) Melinda "Timid Titmouse" Doolittle ('Since You've Been Gone,' by Aretha Franklin) - I love this woman. LOVE HER. Love everything about her. Thinking of being her for Halloween.

She is seriously genius. The fact that such a big voice comes out from such a little timid package makes me happy. Very VERY happy.

I just can't stop watching this performance. I think I watched it five times in a row. Maybe more.

I haven't done that since the days of the Clarkson.

Seriously dude...I'm in LOVE.

10) Alaina Alexander ('Brass in Pocket,' by The Pretenders) - And the second biggest disastrophe of the night award goes to...Alaina Alexander!!!

(FYI, the biggest disastrophe of the night is still Antonella Barba.)

11) Gina Glocksen ('All By Myself,' by Eric Carmen) - Off-puttingly aggressive.

12) LaKisha Jones ('And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going,' by Jennifer Holliday/Hudson) - This LaKisha chick has balls. Four days before the Academy Awards...the night that J-Hud is destined to win an Oscar for performing the sh*t out of this very song...LaKisha shows up on the Idol and says, "Jennifer Hud-a-who?"

Brilliant. Ballsy. Blessed.

judge jru votes

Stephanie. Melinda. LaKisha. Jordin. Sabrina. Melinda. LaKisha. And then, Melinda...Melinda...Melinda...LaKisha...Melinda...Melinda....LaKisha.

In case anyone can't tell, the Idol 6 has just become a two woman competition...Melinda versus LaKisha. If anyone else steals a place in the final two, I will track them down and I will cut them.

judge jru predicts

Antonella Barba. Alaina Alexander.

Say your goodbyes.




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