Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Melinda and LaKisha. Again.


1) Gina Glocksen ('Alone,' by Heart -- Dedicated song to her Boyfriend) - Gina wants to be good.

So very good.

Except that she's so very not.

2) Alaina Alexander ('Not Ready to Make Nice,' by the Dixie Chicks -- Dedicated song to her Mom) - Who dedicates a song to their mom, when the lyrics are about not being ready to make nice?

It don't make no sense, but I guess it does to Alaina.

And that's a shame for her mother...because I'm sure Mrs. Alexander is VERY nice.

3) LaKisha Jones ('Midnight Train to Georgie,' by Gladys Knight & the Pips -- Dedicated song to her Grandmother) - I said it last week. And this week's performances only confirm it.

This show is done.

If LaKisha or Melinda don't win the show, it will be a travesty of epic proportions. No one else can match them.

No one comes close.

Seriously dude.

The Idol 6 is officially a two diva race.

4) Melinda Doolittle ('My Funny Valentine,' by Mitzi Green -- Dedicated song to her two "Gayles") - I am speechless. Fantastic. Amazing. Stunning. Perfect.

And also, see above.

5) Antonella Barba ('Because You Love Me,' by Celine Dion -- Dedicated song to her Brother) - Antonella looked very pretty tonight. I really enjoyed her fashion forward green print ensemble.

Unfortunately, her performance wasn't nearly as pretty.

6) Jordin Sparks ('Reflection,' by Christina Aguilera -- Dedicated song to her Brother) - Strangely flat. Yet adorable.

7) Stephanie Edwards ('Dangerously In Love,' by Beyonce -- Dedicated song to her Mom and Dad)
- Acceptable, but the song blew chunks.

If Stephanie wanted to perform a song by Miss Knowles, why couldn't she have performed "Me Myself and I"?

Now THAT is a Beyonce song I can get behind.

8) Leslie Hope ('Feeling Good,' by Nina Simone -- Dedicated song to her Grandpa) - A.J. sang it better. For sure.

Leslie sounded like a singer in a bad wedding band. And Leslie wouldn't even be the main singer in that band. She sounded like the backup singer for a wedding band that only gets to sing lead...when the lead singer has to take a bathroom break.

9) Haley Scarnato ('Queen of the Night,' by Whitney Houston -- Dedicated song to her Fiancé, Bobby) - Super-Mega-Soulless.

10) Sabrina Sloan ('All the Man That I Need,' by Whitney Houston -- Dedicated song to her Grandmother) - Sabrina turned in the third (or fourth) best performance of the night, but that's not saying much.

judge jru votes

Melinda. LaKisha. Melinda. LaKisha. Melinda. Melinda. Melinda. Melinda.

judge jru predicts

Alaina, Leslie, Haley, and/or Antonella. They will go either this week.

Or next week, IF they're lucky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree with you more about Gina Glocksen. You need to open your ears the next time the girls sings... she is amazing. There are definately a few better singers in this competition, but she is for sure one of the best. She has talent and confidence and does not try and be someone she is not. Even though everyone is trying to force her into the rocker typecast, she is just being herself. She may have rocker in her, but she clearly has many dimensions. But you must know nothing about vocals if you don't think this girl can sing!

1:32 PM  
Anonymous B-Side said...

Typo police: Leslie Hope was the actress whose claim to fame was playing Teri Bauer on season 1 of 24 (where she was brutally slain by Nina!)

I think you mean Leslie Hunt...

1:44 AM  

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