Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tonight's excuse for the non-live "live" blog': I was at a Patty Griffin concert, trying not to stare at fellow concert goers...Gina Gershon and Jill Hennessy.

Anyhow, let's get on with it...

judge jru's "live" blog of the ninth episode of the Idol 6

8:00 pm - WOooOOOo Hollywood! It took them long enough.

8:01 pm - There are so many more girls than guys. Of course.

8:02 pm - Oh look there's Canadian Jory Steinberg! She's OK...I guess.

She also has a song on the "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" soundtrack (credited as 'Jory Eve'), so even if she doesn't end up in the Idol finals. I'm sure she'll be fine.

8:04 pm - And Jory is going home (along with the other five girls in the first group of 6). Seeya Ladies!

8:08 pm - Uh...somehow Perla Meneses has turned into the Colombian version of Mikalah Gordon.

And so, my TV gets bitch slapped.

8:11 pm - Shit. Perla is thru to the next round. I don't think I can take her appearing on my TV ever again.

8:12 pm - Blondie Baylie Brown ain't bad. She definitely seems like top 24 material. She is the best so far. For sure.

8:13 pm - So the girl from Sugarland who put sugar in her ex-boyfriend's gas tank (aka: Ashyln Carr) is gone.

8:14 pm - And so is that wacky blonde chick from the NYC auditions.

8:14.5 pm - And the girl that lied to her parents to go the auditions.

Seriously dude, this is turning into a blood bath.

Is it wrong that I'm kind of enjoying it?

8:15 pm - That Nicole Turner (aka: the girl that fought with her mom over her song choice) seems decent...

8:16 pm - ...except that she's going home.

Shit! This is ridiculous. And I love it!

8:18 pm - WooOOOoo first Melinda Doolittle sighting of the week!

I do enjoy her.

And she's made it thru!

8:21 pm - And now it's time for a boy blood bath.


8:22 pm - The aw shucks I'm just a 19 year old boy thing is going to have to stop, Brian Miller. Especially if you want a vote from me.

8:23 pm - The Navy guy (aka: Jarrod Fowler) seems like a nice boy with a nice voice.

But without the whole Navy Idol background story, he's about as interesting as an episode of "Yes, Dear."

8:24 pm - Matt Sato (aka: the 16 year whose Mom doesn't hug him enough) also seems like a nice boy with a nice voice.

But he is also a troubled boy with a nice voice...which makes him a thousand times more interesting than that Navy guy.

8:25 pm - And look at that! The judges agree...with me! They keep Matt around (along with early favorite Chris Sligh), but they send Jarrod Fowler back to the shipyard. Poor guy.

8:26 pm - That Matt Sato is an adorable mess. He might be one of my new favorites.

8:32 pm - And we're down to 92 contestants.

8:33 pm - It's time for my favorite part of Hollywood round...GROUP TIME!

Why do I love group time so much?

Because things like this happen...

8:35 pm - I really do enjoy the Group drama. It's mindless, but oh so enjoyable.

8:36 pm - Want to know what I'm not surprised about? The fact that Perla is a total disaster during group practice time.

8:41 pm - Awwww Matt Sato is going home. That makes me sad.

We'll miss you Matt...and your non-existent eyebrows!

8:44 pm - Perla is going bye-bye too! See ya! We won't miss ya!

8:45 pm - Oh look! It's that talented British Guy I told you about...Tom Lowe!

He seems very enjoyable.

8:46 pm - And Blake Lewis' beat boxing didn't bother me quite as much as I thought it would.

8:47 pm - Early Favorite Jason "Sundance" Head is a little shout-y.

But at least he knows he's got problems.

8:48 pm - Ooooooh that Baylie Brown performance kinda hurt. She's young though. I have a feeling that we'll see her someday soon. Maybe "Nashville Star" is calling her name?

8:51 pm - Boo! Jesus 2.0 (aka: Sean Michel) got cut! And it wasn't because he wouldn't shave either!

8:55 pm - Ah...the separating the finalists into three rooms thing. It never gets old.

8:56 pm - The first room is always a yes. So clearly Melinda Doolittle and Brandon Rogers are thru! Whew!

8:57 pm - And room 2 is thru too! Sanjaya Malakar is through.

8:58 pm - BUT that means that Sanjaya's adorable sister, Shyamali Malakar, is not.

8:59 pm - AND YET this means that Antonella Barba's best friend (and total beotch), Amanda Coluccio, is a goner...so that makes me happy.

8:59.5 pm - BUT seeing Sanjaya so torn up over his sister's disappointment makes me sad once again.

9:00 pm - Whew.

That was exhausting.


And slightly titillating.

For the first time all season, I'm excited for the Wednesday episode of the Idol...when all will be revealed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the Tyrese/Tyson Beckford look-a-like Jenry?? I didn't see him at all last night? You must investigate!

7:31 AM  

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