Friday, February 02, 2007

Her Name Is Luka Jennifer

In the new issue of "Essence" magazine, J-Hud rips the Idol a new one.

She declares, "On American Idol, you go through this mental thing; you've got to get yourself back together. You've been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think...You become a character – I became the girl in the turkey wrapping." (On one episode, she wore an unflattering outfit that earned that label.) "I just knew I had to sing my way out of it. I don't believe in looking back, and I didn't look back."


(story via People via ONTD)


Blogger Matthew said...

If it wasn't for American Idol's exposure (negative or positive, it's still exposure), I highly doubt she would've gotten the part in Dream Girls...

5:32 PM  

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