Wednesday, February 07, 2007

worst. grab bag. ever.

Tonight's excuse for the non-live "live" blog': I was busy eating tacos and watching "Lost."

Anyhow, let's get on with it...

judge jru's "live" blog of the eighth episode of the Idol 6

9:00 pm - Who's in for the dregs of the Idol auditions?

I'm not.

But I guess I have no choice.

9:02 pm - The queen of the black veil (aka: Christa Fazzino) looks like that "normal" blonde chick on "The Munsters."

Only Christa is definitely not "normal."

9:06 pm - Tami Gosnell (aka: that lesbian peddy cab driver) is quite good. I enjoy her.

Except for that hideous lip ring. That thing has got to go.

9:11 pm - I love that the talented Asian pool boy (aka: Paul Kim) entered the Idol to prove to America that not all Asians sing like William Hung.


Even though I thought his "smoky" voice was a little forced, I'm still voting for Paul if he makes it to the Top 24...simply because he is in the competition for all of the right reasons.

9:15 pm - The repeat offenders montage scares me a bit.

It makes me realize that by season six...we might be starting to scrape the bottom of the proverbial talent barrel.

9:23 pm - Edward Sanchez (aka: the Paula Abdul megafan) was good for one thing.

Reminding me of one of the best music videos of all time...

That Skat Cat is quite the hottie, eh?

9:27 pm - One of those girls on roller skates (aka: Ashley Cleland) just gave the best/worst reason to audition for the Idol. "I like performing and I'm American," she says.

That's as good a reason as any, right?

9:29 pm - That Ebony Jointer (another one of the rollerskate girls) ain't bad. She ain't bad at all.

Let's just hope that when she packs for Hollywood, she leaves that giant pink bow at home.

9:35 pm - Oh and about that whole songwriting contest thing?

Yeah. I'm not sure it's gonna work out so well.

Then again, the winning song can't be worse than "Do I Make You Proud."

Or "Inside Your Heaven."

Or "Flying Without Wings."

I could go on and list every Idol single (except for "A Moment Like This"), but I won't.

9:48 pm - WoooooOOOOooOOOoo! We're almost done! Almost done!

9:49 pm - The littlest ru (aka: my younger sister) texted me earlier tonight about Lakisha Jones. She told me that she watched Lakisha's audition 10 times in a row. I texted back that with a name like Lakisha...she had to be good.

9:50 pm - And it turns out...that even if Lakisha didn't have such a wonderful name, I'd still love her.

She is fantastic.

9:55 pm - And we're done.

Thank G-d.

And just in time...because I'm pretty sure that I was about to run out of words.

10:00 pm - Seeya next week in Hollywood!


Anonymous the littlest Ru said...

thanks for mentioning me xoxo

1:40 PM  

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