Sunday, February 04, 2007

Could a Brit win the Idol?

Through an "anonymous tip," I discovered a nice young gentleman named Tom Lowe. A British fellow, a former boy band member, and a Harvard grad.

Did I mention that he also made it to the Hollywood round during the Seattle auditions of the Idol 6? And that while we didn't see his audition in America...they aired it on the UK broadcast version of the Idol 6?

Check it out here...

...he's quite good, eh?

Let's just hope Tom doesn't resort to singing any material from his boy band days...

...because it might be a little painful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why the hell did they air so many horrible auditions and hardly any talent in seattle when this guy was there.seriously hes amazing.this season is so bad but when seeing this audition it gives me hope about the talent their not showing this year.

btw,jru do you know how many people watch it worldwide? I heard it is popular worldwide but now completely positive.

12:38 PM  

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