Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Melinda and LaKisha. Again.


1) Gina Glocksen ('Alone,' by Heart -- Dedicated song to her Boyfriend) - Gina wants to be good.

So very good.

Except that she's so very not.

2) Alaina Alexander ('Not Ready to Make Nice,' by the Dixie Chicks -- Dedicated song to her Mom) - Who dedicates a song to their mom, when the lyrics are about not being ready to make nice?

It don't make no sense, but I guess it does to Alaina.

And that's a shame for her mother...because I'm sure Mrs. Alexander is VERY nice.

3) LaKisha Jones ('Midnight Train to Georgie,' by Gladys Knight & the Pips -- Dedicated song to her Grandmother) - I said it last week. And this week's performances only confirm it.

This show is done.

If LaKisha or Melinda don't win the show, it will be a travesty of epic proportions. No one else can match them.

No one comes close.

Seriously dude.

The Idol 6 is officially a two diva race.

4) Melinda Doolittle ('My Funny Valentine,' by Mitzi Green -- Dedicated song to her two "Gayles") - I am speechless. Fantastic. Amazing. Stunning. Perfect.

And also, see above.

5) Antonella Barba ('Because You Love Me,' by Celine Dion -- Dedicated song to her Brother) - Antonella looked very pretty tonight. I really enjoyed her fashion forward green print ensemble.

Unfortunately, her performance wasn't nearly as pretty.

6) Jordin Sparks ('Reflection,' by Christina Aguilera -- Dedicated song to her Brother) - Strangely flat. Yet adorable.

7) Stephanie Edwards ('Dangerously In Love,' by Beyonce -- Dedicated song to her Mom and Dad)
- Acceptable, but the song blew chunks.

If Stephanie wanted to perform a song by Miss Knowles, why couldn't she have performed "Me Myself and I"?

Now THAT is a Beyonce song I can get behind.

8) Leslie Hope ('Feeling Good,' by Nina Simone -- Dedicated song to her Grandpa) - A.J. sang it better. For sure.

Leslie sounded like a singer in a bad wedding band. And Leslie wouldn't even be the main singer in that band. She sounded like the backup singer for a wedding band that only gets to sing lead...when the lead singer has to take a bathroom break.

9) Haley Scarnato ('Queen of the Night,' by Whitney Houston -- Dedicated song to her Fiancé, Bobby) - Super-Mega-Soulless.

10) Sabrina Sloan ('All the Man That I Need,' by Whitney Houston -- Dedicated song to her Grandmother) - Sabrina turned in the third (or fourth) best performance of the night, but that's not saying much.

judge jru votes

Melinda. LaKisha. Melinda. LaKisha. Melinda. Melinda. Melinda. Melinda.

judge jru predicts

Alaina, Leslie, Haley, and/or Antonella. They will go either this week.

Or next week, IF they're lucky.

With Ryan involved, How Could It NOT Be Good?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007



1) Phil Stacey ('I Ain't Missing You,' by John Waite -- Dedicated song to his Naval Unit) - Imagine if Sting shaved his head. And wasn't hot. And didn't know how to play the lute.

Got it?

Well, that's Phil Stacey.

2) Jared Cotter ('Let's Get It On,' by Marvin Gaye -- Dedicated song to his Mom and Dad) - Jared couldn't be sexier if he was naked.

OK...maybe that would be a little more sexy. But only a little.

And his vocals were relatively good too.

Jared can ride my "love boat" anytime.

Any time.

3) A.J. Tabaldo ('Feeling Good,' by Nina Simone -- Dedicated song to his Mom and Dad) - Good. Surprisingly good.

Little A.J. just might be the best male contestant of the Idol 6. Granted that's not saying much, but at least it's somethin'.

4) Sanjaya Malakar ('Steppin' Out With My Baby,' by Irving Berlin/Fred Astaire -- Dedicated song to his Grandfather) - The whole Michael Jackson ponytail look wasn't working for me. And it wasn't working for Sanjaya.

Also, his performance was timid. And kinda terrible.

Poor boy. At least he's got his sister to console him. I hear she is verynice.

5) Chris Sligh ('Trouble,' by Ray Lamontagne -- Dedicated song to his wife) - Love the hair.

Not the performance.

6) Nick Pedro ('Fever,' by Peggy Lee -- Dedicated song to his Girlfriend) - Even if I didn't already have a fever, Nick couldn't give me one. In a Sauna. With a pile of hot rocks.

This dude is the musical equivalent to Xanax.

7) Blake Lewis ('Virtual Insanity,' by Jamiroquai -- Dedicated song to his Parents) - Acceptable.

BUT that sideways douche-y hat thing has got to go.

Seriously dude.


8) Brandon Rogers ('Time after Time,' by Cyndi Lauper -- Dedicated song to his Grandmother) - In week two, the world's best grandson continues to ride the train to Snoozeville.

How did Brandon suddenly become the boring pretty boy?

What the heck happened?

9) Chris Richardson ('Geek in the Pink,' by Jason Mraz -- Dedicated to song to his "Big Mama")
- Here's the thing with singing a Jason Mraz song on the Idol...

It sounds like you are singing a Jason Mraz song on the Idol.

I know Jason Mraz, Chris.

And you sir, are no Jason Mraz.

10) Jason "Sundance" Head ('Mustang Sally,' by Wilson Pickett Mack Rice -- Dedicated to his Son) - I wish I could tell you what I thought of Sundance's performance, but truth is...I can't. Whenever Sundance appears on camera, all I can focus on is that gathering of extra long pubic hair on his chin. It's

It makes me want to shave.


judge jru votes one?

judge jru predicts

Sanjaya Malakar, Nick Pedro, and/or Brandon Rogers. It was nice knowing ya!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Antonella Hoax - REVEALED???

I don't know what to think anymore (Is the sky blue? Are roses red? Is Ryan Seacrest the biggest douche that ever walked the face of the earth?), but according to the "American Idol CSI"...

...those MEGA SUPER scandalous photos of Antonella Barba that surfaced at the end of last week might not be the REAL thing.


UPDATE: We have confirmation that Antonella is not the girl in the horrible upsetting BJ photos. Repeat. It's NOT Antonella! Except for all of the other non-BJ related photos, including the rose petal one. That was her. It was for a "personal" calender she made for her boyfriend. Ain't that cute?

(Story/Pic via TVgasm)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

QUESTION: What happens when you get kicked off the Idol early?

ANSWER: You star in a movie with the African-American girl from "From Justin to Kelly" and win an Oscar for the performance.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Surprisingly, Katharine McPhee's debut single, "Over It," has grown on me the past few weeks. I still wish Katharine put a little more attitude into her vocals (if the Pussycat Dolls can do it, can you), but overall the song isn't the worst bit of a white chick pop I've ever heard.

Anyhow, here is Katharine's new video for her "hit" single...

Like the song, it's fine...but ultimately uninspired.

For more of my commentary on this video, see the title of this post.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Where's Jason Voorhees When You Need Him?

If my parents sent me to this I would kill them.


Poor Antonella!

Antonella Barba has gone even WILD-er.

I won't show the full pictures here, because they make me feel dirtier than Paris Hilton's bloomers.

Let's just say that I hope her family doesn't see them, because they seem VERYnice.

They're REAL, Tyra!


Look who gets felt up by Miss Tyra...

...on February 27th!




(Story via TVgasm)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

America gets it right. Almost.


America hates bare feet.

America hates blandness.

America hates cheesy Venezuelans.

America hates shouting.

Seeya Paul! Seeya Rudy! Seeya Amy! Seeya Nicole!

We'll barely remember you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Melinda. Melinda. Melinda. LaKisha. LaKisha. LaKisha.


1) Stephanie Edwards ('How Come You Don't Call Me,' by Alicia Keys Prince) - OK...I'll admit it...after last night's boy-fueled disastrophe, I was worried that the ladies of the Idol 6 wouldn't deliver.

I shouldn't have worried. Stephanie should be a postal woman, because she delivered. And then some.

2) Amy Krebs ('I Can't Make You Love Me,' by Bonnie Raitt) - If the Idol was a college class that you could take pass/fail, Amy would pass. But she would JUST pass. She definitely wouldn't get honors. Not even close.

3) Leslie Hunt ('Natural Woman,' by Aretha Franklin) - Leslie seems like a lovely girl. And I think if I met her in person, I would enjoy her.

But on the TV?

Leslie was just "eh."

4) Sabrina Sloan ('I Never Loved a Man the Way That I Love You,' by Aretha Franklin) - Surprisingly good. She won't win the Idol, but she is totally top 12 material. Top 6 even.

5) Antonella Barba ('I Don't Want To Miss A Thing,' by Aerosmith) - After this AND this, Antonella really had to pull out a fantastic performance out of her gorgeous ass to show America that she was more than just a pretty face.

Unfortunately for Antonella (and Antonella's cute family), Miss Barba will probably be best remembered as that Idol semifinalist with those skeevy pictures. And that will be all.

6) Jordin Sparks ('Give Me One Reason,' by Tracy Chapman) - I've said it before. And I'll say it again. Jordin Sparks is like a curvier Lisa Tucker.

It also turns out that Jordin is a more talented version of Lisa Tucker.

And that makes me a happier version of judge jru.

7) Nicole Tranquillo ('Stay,' by Rufus and Chaka Kahn) - Shout-y. Very Shout-y.

8) Haley Scarnato ('It's All Coming Back to Me Now,' by Celine Dion) - This is just a guess, but I think Haley was that pretty girl from high school who had a nice voice...and would trot it out every once in a while for all the school to see/hear.

In terms of the Idol? Pretty girls with moderately pretty voices only get so far. And then, they go bye-bye (i.e.: the Idol 4 semi-finalists known as Amanda Avila and Sarah Mather).

Hey Haley? Maybe you should look into the wonderful world of pageants...I bet you'd do VERY well there.

9) Melinda "Timid Titmouse" Doolittle ('Since You've Been Gone,' by Aretha Franklin) - I love this woman. LOVE HER. Love everything about her. Thinking of being her for Halloween.

She is seriously genius. The fact that such a big voice comes out from such a little timid package makes me happy. Very VERY happy.

I just can't stop watching this performance. I think I watched it five times in a row. Maybe more.

I haven't done that since the days of the Clarkson.

Seriously dude...I'm in LOVE.

10) Alaina Alexander ('Brass in Pocket,' by The Pretenders) - And the second biggest disastrophe of the night award goes to...Alaina Alexander!!!

(FYI, the biggest disastrophe of the night is still Antonella Barba.)

11) Gina Glocksen ('All By Myself,' by Eric Carmen) - Off-puttingly aggressive.

12) LaKisha Jones ('And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going,' by Jennifer Holliday/Hudson) - This LaKisha chick has balls. Four days before the Academy Awards...the night that J-Hud is destined to win an Oscar for performing the sh*t out of this very song...LaKisha shows up on the Idol and says, "Jennifer Hud-a-who?"

Brilliant. Ballsy. Blessed.

judge jru votes

Stephanie. Melinda. LaKisha. Jordin. Sabrina. Melinda. LaKisha. And then, Melinda...Melinda...Melinda...LaKisha...Melinda...Melinda....LaKisha.

In case anyone can't tell, the Idol 6 has just become a two woman competition...Melinda versus LaKisha. If anyone else steals a place in the final two, I will track them down and I will cut them.

judge jru predicts

Antonella Barba. Alaina Alexander.

Say your goodbyes.



Antonella Barba gone WILD - Part Deux

I almost feel sorry for her...


(Pictures via ONTD)

Dude, Where's the Talent?


1) Rudy Cardenas ('Free Ride,' by the Edgar Winter Group) - Rudy's performance reminded me of that recurring nightmare I've been having lately, where I go to a friend's wedding and am forced to be a backup singer to the world's worst wedding band. Now I know who to picture as the band's lead singer. And his name is Rudy Cardenas.

2) Brandon Rogers ('Rock With You,' by Michael Jackson) - Have you ever gone on a date with someone who you've thought was totally cute and had potential of being boyfriend material, but then you kiss them at the end of the night...and you feel nothing?

Yeah, that's how I felt about Brandon's performance.

He's pretty...but there's no love connection here.

Not anymore.

3) Jason 'Sundance' Head ('Nights in White Satin,' by the Moody Blues) - Ugh.

Just ugh.

4) Paul 'Barefoot' Kim ('Careless Whisper,' by George Michael) - Brutal.

Just brutal.

Seriously dude, where are the talented people?

5) Chris Richardson ('I Don't Want To Be,' by Gavin DeGraw) - Slightly awkward. Slightly adorable. And better than the last two.

The whole dress just like Justin Timberlake in a suit thing is a bit tired, but I'll forgive Chris. Because he is pretty. Very very pretty.

6) Nick Pedro ('Now and Forever,' by Richard Marx) - I hate this song. I really f*cking hate this song.

I couldn't even tell you what I thought of Nick Pedro's performance, because I was so overwhelmed with hate for this musical equivalent of Velveeta Cheese.

7) Blake Lewis ('Somewhere Only We Know,' by Keane) - Now this is a song (and a performance) I can get behind.

Who knew that the beatboxing menace would turn in the first moderately decent performance of the night?

I certainly didn't.

8) Sanjaya Malakar ('Knocks Me Off My Feet,' by Stevie Wonder) - Quiet.

Too quiet.

9) Chris Sligh ('Typical,' by Mute Math) - I respect my Christian brethren as much as the next agnostic homo. But here's the thing...if you are performing "live" in front of America for the first time on the Idol, don't pick a Christian Rock song. It doesn't do you any favors.

But that whole making fun of Simon for subjecting the world to Il Divo and the Teletubbies? That shit was priceless.

10) Jared Cotter ('Back at One,' by Brian McKnight) - Forget Brandon Rogers.

Jared Cotter is my new boyfriend.

He seems VERY nice. And moderately talented.

He's also managed to turn in a relatively interesting performance by singing one of the most boring songs ever written. You have to respect him for that bit. Right?

11) A.J. Tabaldo ('Never Too Much,' by Luther Vandross) - Acceptable.

Nothing special.

He's never going to win, but he did better than most of the other boys tonight.

Then again, that's not saying much.

12) Phil Stacey ('I Could Not Ask For More,' by Edwin McCain) - I find Phil Stacey strangely off-putting. And I don't know why. Maybe it's because he looks like Mister Clean? Or Lex Luthor? Or Britney Spears?

Frankly, it doesn't matter who Phil Stacey reminds me of...I'm just kinda done with him.

judge jru votes

Even if I could have voted for the boys, I don't think I would have. There wasn't a single performance that made me want to pick up the phone. And that scares me a little bit.

Here's to hoping that the ladies bring a better game tomorrow night...

judge jru predicts

Paul Kim, Rudy Cardenas, and/or Jason 'Sundance' Head are goners. Probably.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Antonella Barba gone WILD!

Look what 20 year-old Idol 6 contestant doesn't care for underage drinking laws...

...or nudity laws...

...or Footloose-inspired "NO DANCING" laws...

...or "don't waste toilet paper" laws...

Frankly...none of this really shocks me, but I just thought I'd share.

(Pics via ONTD)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You're a Frontrunner!

According to certain online gambling websites, funny fat guy Chris Sligh is the odds-on favorite to win the new season of the Idol.

I'm reserving judgement until the first "live" performances episodes air this week, but if I HAD to...I would place equal initial bets on Chris, Sanjaya, Lakisha, Brandon, and Melinda.

Of course, I'm sure this will all change after Wednesday. Amy Krebs could turn out to be the NEW Kelly Clarkson...

...except that she's not.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Smile like you mean it, Chris Daughtry!

According to this EW article, Chris Daughtry doesn't like to smile...

...because it's tough being pretty and famous and successful.

And who can argue with that?

Oh wait.

I can.

Friday, February 16, 2007

She's No Ordinary Girl

It's really a shame that "they" couldn't spend a few dollars more on Paris Bennett's new video...

...because the more I listen to the song, the more I realize that it doesn't totally suck.

(Video via Kevipod Music)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It took them long enough.

Tonight's excuse for the non-live "live" blog': I was at my friend's birthday party. Happy Birthday Afnahn!

Anyhow, let's get on with it...

judge jru's "live" blog of the tenth episode of the Idol 6

9:00 pm - At the end of this hour, we will know who we get vote for. Finally.

9:01 pm - I'm very excited!

9:02 pm - We know what they are going to do Ryan. You don't need to tell us again.

9:03 pm - Sanjaya Malakar needs a haircut, but I still enjoy him. And his touching relationship with his older sister. It makes me feel like Idol contestant are JUST LIKE US!

9:04 pm - WoooooOOoo Sanjaya is thru!

I have a sneaking suspicion that he will make it to top 12...unless he totally screws up next week (and the week after...and the week after next).

9:05 pm - We have the tall girl (aka: Anna Kerns)!

It's a shame she doesn't make it.

Don't hate on the tall people, Simon! Don't you dare marginalize us!

We WON'T be marginalized!

Tall people of the world will all come together and unite someday. And then, you'll be sorry. Very sorry.

9:06 pm - Who the heck is Bernard Williams?

9:07 pm - Well, I guess we don't have to worry about who he is...because he's a goner.

9:08 pm - What the F? My favorite lesbian folk singer, Tami Gosnell, didn't make it!

I call shenanigans!

9:09 pm - My timid titmouse (aka: Melinda Doolittle) has made it thru!

I'm so happy I could cry!

9:10 pm - My other favorite former backup singer (aka: Brandon Rogers) has made it thru too!

I'm loving everyone right now.

Especially Brandon.

9:12 pm - What's this?

Jenry Bejarano doesn't appear to be in the room!

Where's my Jenry?

Can anyone find my Jenry?

9:13 pm - Gina Glocksen makes it thru too.

I feel kind of impartial to her.

She seems fine, but nothing that special.

At least she's happy.

9:15 pm - I faintly remember Haley Scarnato. But I'm not feeling her either.

9:16 pm - Do I really have to listen to 20 seconds of that stupid Bryan Adams song, again? Ugh.

Also, who the F is Philip Stacy?

Clearly, I need to pay better attention to this show.

9:17 pm - Oh...Phil is the really bad new father. Eh.

9:21 pm - I enjoy "The Simpsons" as much as the next boy, but do we really need to see a GIANT plug for "The Simpsons Movie."

9:22 pm - Sister Ru has declared that Chris Sligh is the NEW Kurt Nilsen.

9:23 pm - I'm so over Blake Lewis' beat boxing.

It was tired when Justin Timberlake did it.

So that means it even more tired-er when Blake does it.

Yes. I know tired-er is not a word, but it's late and I'm tired. You might even say that I'm more tired-er-er than Blake Lewis' beat boxing routine.

And so, despite the beat boxing (or maybe because of it) Blake makes it to the top 24...

9:24 pm - ...but my favorite Brit boy bander, Tom Lowe, doesn't make it.

9:25 pm - Some boy named Rudy also makes it.

Like other Idol top 24 members of years past (Patrick Hall, anyone?), Rudy is fine...but nothing special.

9:28 pm
- Barefoot Boy Paul Kim is enjoyable to me, because he wants to outshine William Hung. And yet, I'm a little done with his whole I will ONLY perform barefoot routine already. It feels like a gimmick. The Clarkson didn't have a gimmick Paul. Neither did Fantasia.

So get with the program dude. Put your shoes back on and just SING.

9:30 pm - 17 year old Jordin Sparks is the NEW Lisa Tucker...

...which means that I'm done with her.

9:32 pm - Who the heck is A.J. Tabaldo?

I guess we'll find out next week.

9:34 pm - I don't know who this Stephanie Edwards is...but I already enjoy her.

9:35 pm - Who this? Seriously dude...who is this? Where are they finding these people?

Leslie Hunt?

Have we ever seen her before?

9:36 pm - The guy that bowed out during the Hollywood round last year (aka: Nick Pedro) is up next.

He makes it thru.

And I could care less.

9:39 pm - Alaina Alexander (aka: the girl that cries all the time) ain't all that and a bag of chips.

In fact, she isn't even a bag of chips.

And she makes it THRU?

Really dude?

They are totally scrapping the bottom of the barrel this year.

9:42 pm - Chris Richardson (aka: the slightly less cute Justin Timberlake) makes it.

I'm happy for him.

He seems like the kind of guy you can bring home and then, three hours later... discover your little sister humping him in the kitchen.

9:44 pm - Sabrina Sloan.

Another moderately talented girl that I've never seen before makes it thru.


9:45 pm - Awww Lakisha Jones (aka: the super-talented single mother) is in the top 24!

She'll definitely get my vote next week.

Many many of my votes.

9:49 pm - Nicole Tranquillo. Another newbie to make it thru.

9:51 pm - OK. I've got a bone to pick with the Idol producer. Why were they holding out on me? Why were they trying to keep me from my true love?

Forget Jenry.

Jarred Cotter is my man.

And I think he's legal!

The fact that he "knows" Naima is something that we're just going to have to work through.

9:52 pm - Meet Amy Krebs.

Like so many that have come before her, she's new.

She also in the top 24.

That is all.

9:53 pm - There are only two ladies left...Antonella Barba and some other girl.

I wonder who will make it?

9:54 pm - Of course, Antonella is the girl that is the final piece in the top 12 girl puzzle.

She IS gorgeous.

And gorgeous people always get what they want.

9:55 pm - And now it's down to the final two contestants of the night...Sundance and that guy with a mugshot (aka: Thomas Daniels).

I wonder who will make it?

The guy with the criminal record? Or the guy with the semi-famous dad?

9:56 pm - And of course the guy with the semi-famous dad (aka: Jason "Sundance" Head) makes it into the top 24.

BUT he's got to make up for a lot of ground he lost during Hollywood week.

When I first saw Jason, I thought that he was definitely top 12 material.


I'm not so sure.

10:00 pm
- And now we have the top 24.

They seem VERY nice. least some of them do.

* * *

And just in case you need things broken down into easy-to-digest morsels, I now present to handy cheat sheet to the top 24 of the Idol 6.

judge jru's
TOP 24 cheat sheet

(Idol 6 edition)


1. Melinda Doolittle
(aka: the timid titmouse)

2. Gina Glocksen (aka: the loud girl who got all pissy with Perla during Hollywood week)

3. Jordin Sparks
(aka: the new Lisa Tucker)

4. Haley Scarnato
(aka: seems nice)

5. Stephanie Edwards
(aka: enjoyable)

6. Leslie Hunt
(aka: who is this?)

7. Alaina Alexander
(aka: she cries. a lot.)

8. Sabrina Sloan
(aka: seriously dude, who is this?)

9. Lakisha Jones
(aka: the single mother that cries a lot)

10. Nicole Tranquillo
(aka: no idea)

11. Amy Krebs
(aka: no idea 2 - electric boogaloo)

12. Antonella Barba
(aka: the pretty girl from Jersey with the really bitchy best friend)


1. Brandon Rogers (aka: the hot hot former backup singer that "knows" Fergie)

2. Sanjaya Malakar (aka: adorable younger brother of Shyamali Malakar)

3. Chris Sligh (aka: the funny fat guy)

4. Blake Lewis (aka: the beat boxer)

5. Rudy Cardenas (aka: nothing special)

6. Phil Stacy (aka: the lamewad that missed his daughter's birth to audition for the Idol)

7. Paul Kim (aka: NOT William Hung)

8. A.J. Tabaldo (aka: some dude)

9. Nick Pedro (aka: some dude that quit the Idol 5 during Hollywood week)

10. Chris Richardson (aka: not quite Justin Timberlake, but close)

11. Jared Cotter (aka: my new boyfriend)

12. Sundance Head (aka: semi-talented guy with the semi-famous father that screwed up a bit during Hollywood week)

The First Openly Gay Idol Contestant Ever?

According to this story...if Tom Lowe makes it into the Top 24 tonight, he will be the first openly gay Idol contestant ever.

Shocking, eh?

You would think for a show about "performing," there would be more of them...but there hasn't been one yet. The Idol 1's Jim Verraros had a blog where he mentioned kissing boys, but he didn't officially come out until after the show finished airing.

I always knew I liked that Tom Lowe. And now that I know that he is gay, went to Harvard, and was in a British boy could I NOT love him?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tonight's excuse for the non-live "live" blog': I was at a Patty Griffin concert, trying not to stare at fellow concert goers...Gina Gershon and Jill Hennessy.

Anyhow, let's get on with it...

judge jru's "live" blog of the ninth episode of the Idol 6

8:00 pm - WOooOOOo Hollywood! It took them long enough.

8:01 pm - There are so many more girls than guys. Of course.

8:02 pm - Oh look there's Canadian Jory Steinberg! She's OK...I guess.

She also has a song on the "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" soundtrack (credited as 'Jory Eve'), so even if she doesn't end up in the Idol finals. I'm sure she'll be fine.

8:04 pm - And Jory is going home (along with the other five girls in the first group of 6). Seeya Ladies!

8:08 pm - Uh...somehow Perla Meneses has turned into the Colombian version of Mikalah Gordon.

And so, my TV gets bitch slapped.

8:11 pm - Shit. Perla is thru to the next round. I don't think I can take her appearing on my TV ever again.

8:12 pm - Blondie Baylie Brown ain't bad. She definitely seems like top 24 material. She is the best so far. For sure.

8:13 pm - So the girl from Sugarland who put sugar in her ex-boyfriend's gas tank (aka: Ashyln Carr) is gone.

8:14 pm - And so is that wacky blonde chick from the NYC auditions.

8:14.5 pm - And the girl that lied to her parents to go the auditions.

Seriously dude, this is turning into a blood bath.

Is it wrong that I'm kind of enjoying it?

8:15 pm - That Nicole Turner (aka: the girl that fought with her mom over her song choice) seems decent...

8:16 pm - ...except that she's going home.

Shit! This is ridiculous. And I love it!

8:18 pm - WooOOOoo first Melinda Doolittle sighting of the week!

I do enjoy her.

And she's made it thru!

8:21 pm - And now it's time for a boy blood bath.


8:22 pm - The aw shucks I'm just a 19 year old boy thing is going to have to stop, Brian Miller. Especially if you want a vote from me.

8:23 pm - The Navy guy (aka: Jarrod Fowler) seems like a nice boy with a nice voice.

But without the whole Navy Idol background story, he's about as interesting as an episode of "Yes, Dear."

8:24 pm - Matt Sato (aka: the 16 year whose Mom doesn't hug him enough) also seems like a nice boy with a nice voice.

But he is also a troubled boy with a nice voice...which makes him a thousand times more interesting than that Navy guy.

8:25 pm - And look at that! The judges agree...with me! They keep Matt around (along with early favorite Chris Sligh), but they send Jarrod Fowler back to the shipyard. Poor guy.

8:26 pm - That Matt Sato is an adorable mess. He might be one of my new favorites.

8:32 pm - And we're down to 92 contestants.

8:33 pm - It's time for my favorite part of Hollywood round...GROUP TIME!

Why do I love group time so much?

Because things like this happen...

8:35 pm - I really do enjoy the Group drama. It's mindless, but oh so enjoyable.

8:36 pm - Want to know what I'm not surprised about? The fact that Perla is a total disaster during group practice time.

8:41 pm - Awwww Matt Sato is going home. That makes me sad.

We'll miss you Matt...and your non-existent eyebrows!

8:44 pm - Perla is going bye-bye too! See ya! We won't miss ya!

8:45 pm - Oh look! It's that talented British Guy I told you about...Tom Lowe!

He seems very enjoyable.

8:46 pm - And Blake Lewis' beat boxing didn't bother me quite as much as I thought it would.

8:47 pm - Early Favorite Jason "Sundance" Head is a little shout-y.

But at least he knows he's got problems.

8:48 pm - Ooooooh that Baylie Brown performance kinda hurt. She's young though. I have a feeling that we'll see her someday soon. Maybe "Nashville Star" is calling her name?

8:51 pm - Boo! Jesus 2.0 (aka: Sean Michel) got cut! And it wasn't because he wouldn't shave either!

8:55 pm - Ah...the separating the finalists into three rooms thing. It never gets old.

8:56 pm - The first room is always a yes. So clearly Melinda Doolittle and Brandon Rogers are thru! Whew!

8:57 pm - And room 2 is thru too! Sanjaya Malakar is through.

8:58 pm - BUT that means that Sanjaya's adorable sister, Shyamali Malakar, is not.

8:59 pm - AND YET this means that Antonella Barba's best friend (and total beotch), Amanda Coluccio, is a that makes me happy.

8:59.5 pm - BUT seeing Sanjaya so torn up over his sister's disappointment makes me sad once again.

9:00 pm - Whew.

That was exhausting.


And slightly titillating.

For the first time all season, I'm excited for the Wednesday episode of the Idol...when all will be revealed!

Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them - American Idol Edition

"I've never been drunk," says Paula.


Quickest Hollywood Week Ever

Remember how the Idol producers always stretch the "Hollywood" week auditions into at least two episodes?

Yeah. That's not going to happen this year.

And I couldn't be happier about it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Carrie Underwood is a Winner...Again.

Even though I was rooting for the woman that had a plant growing out of her head...

...I must confess that I was very happy for Carrie when she won the Grammy for "Best New Artist" last night.

And she even thanked the Idol for getting her there.

How sweet.