Wednesday, January 31, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Tonight's excuse for the non-live "live" blog: I was eating beef stew. Yes. That's my excuse.

Anyhow, let's get on with it...

judge jru's "live" blog of the sixth episode of the Idol 6

9:00 pm - We're in Los Angeles tonight. Which makes me happy.

9:01 pm - Wooo Katharine McPhee flashback.

It almost washed out the memory of Katharine's debut performance on "The Tonight Show."


9:02 pm - Did Ryan really just quote "The Wizard of Oz?" I don't need to make a joke here. Right?

9:03 pm - Olivia Newton-John is the guest judge tonight.

Seriously dude, shouldn't she be on that other "talent" show?

9:04 pm - "The Panther" (aka: Martik Manoukian) scares me.

Contrary to what he says, he is not the most exciting entertainer on planet earth.

9:05 pm - And I really didn't need to see him with his shirt off.

9:07 pm - Mister Romance (aka: Sholandric Stallworth) better not be the guy that the sister ru told me would be my new boyfriend.

Because if he is "it"...I'm gonna switch to va-jay-jay.

9:13 pm - Marianna came out of the womb. Wailing.

Apparently, she is still wailing. And not in a good way.

9:14 pm - Whaddup with Olivia? Her "bad" face got frozen instead of her good one. She needs to fire her botox-ologist.

9:17 pm - "This is my final chance" girl (aka: Alaina Alexander) seemed to have potential...

...until she said that "Feelin' Good" was by Michael Buble.

No Alaina.

It isn't.

9:24 pm - Didn't we already see this Phuong Pham girl before?

9:25 pm - Oh, I remember now. We saw the "Simon calls her Pong" bit during the whole "judges don't know how to pronounce ethnic names" montage.

The Idol producers are recycling bits this early on?

I have to confess...I'm starting to get a little concerned with how this season is turning out so far.

Maybe things will change once we get to the "Hollywood Round."

9:28 pm - OK. I take back everything I just said. Forget it all. Forget about Jenry. Because I have a new boyfriend.

And his name is Brandon Rogers.


I think I love him.

This must be the guy that sister ru warned me about it.

And as usual, she was right.

Hands off America! Brandon is mine!

9:36 pm - This moment marks grand return of Brain Miller.


Some semi-cute forgettable 19 year-old that got kicked out in the middle of Hollywood week during the Idol 5.

Hmmmm...I wonder if that will happen again?

All signs point to...YES.

9:38 pm - The older gentleman with the sick lady friend and the petition (aka: Sherman Pore) actually made me tear up.

Just like Paula.

And I don't feel bad.

Not one bit.

9:46 pm - The bus stop couple (aka: Darold and Cavett) makes me believe in love again.

There is someone for everyone!

Including me!

And his name is Brandon Rogers.

9:55 pm - I'm so bored by this Eric Mueller bit.

He ain't funny.

He ain't cute.

He ain't anything.


9:57 pm - OK. The Paula/Randy DVD bit at the end was kinda funny.

But I'm pretty sure they did that bit before too.

9:59 pm - Only one more audition episode! Thank G-d. Thank Allah. Thank Yahweh.

10:00 pm - And we're done.

Off to stalk Brandon Rogers!

See ya!


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