Monday, January 01, 2007

judge jru's 2007 Resolutions

Resolution #1 -- Stop criticizing Taylor Hicks for existing. He's clearly here to stay. Accept it and move on.

Resolution #2 -- Try not to gush TOO much about any Idol related songs concerning Baby Mamas, Baby Makin' Hips, or anything baby related.

Resolution #3 -- Refrain from blogging about Kelly Clarkson more than four times a week.

Resolution #4 -- Get shit together and go see the movies you need to see in order to complete the Best of 2006 list by the end of this week.

Resolution #5 -- Refrain from going on television and talking about how television is a "shared experience, because you can share it with other people."

Resolution #6 -- Try to figure out what rock Trenyce is hiding under.

Resolution #7 -- Read at least a book a month. Inspirational memoirs "written" by illiterate Idol winners do not count.

Resolution #8 -- Floss.

Resolution #9
-- Keep at least two of the above resolutions for the entire year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please drop resolution #3.
Ms. Clarkson is the best thing to happen to pop music in 10 years. She's the heart & soul of this blog. And, dangit, you know a day without Clarkson is like a day without sunshine.

Keep #1 for sure. And make an 11th:

I resolve to crank up the snarkiness whenever McPheever threatens to consume me.

6:25 AM  

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