Wednesday, January 31, 2007

He Auditioned (More Than) Twice!

While it's still up, check out Chris Sligh's "Musings on American Idol."

Chris is pretty articulate as he takes us through the journey that is the Idol audition process.

It turns out that Birmingham wasn't his first audition.

Chris auditioned in Memphis, but Nigel didn't put him through to meet the "judges."

Further down on the blog, Mister Sligh informs his readers that this is actually his third year auditioning for the Idol.

Slightly interesting, eh?

The thing that really won me over is that Chris wants his fan club to be called "Fro Patro."

Also of note...Chris' main blog, where he lists his 100 favorite songs of all time.

It's a mixed bag of both good and bad shit.

Here's the thing...the main problem with Chris is...

...he enjoys the Counting Crows...a little too much.

See also -- the MySpace pages for Chris' bands -- "Half Past Forever" and "The Exciting Mr. Brown" -- AND -- Chris' short novel in blog form -- AND -- Chris' "essay" blog

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