Thursday, December 07, 2006

Audio Cavities

Wanna hear a brand new song from Taylor Hicks that you'll end up hearing in your dentist's office in approximately two months?


Well, I don't care what you want.

I don't have any other Idol tidbits to post today.

Here's the song...

Take it! I don't want it anymore.

(Song via Idolator)


Blogger makeitdo said...

I'm making that dentist appointment right now. FANTASIC !! Best version of this song I've ever heard. GREAT JOB MR. HICKS.

3:36 AM  
Anonymous cathy hancock said...

Thanks for relinquishing your copy of Taylor's CD. I will be glad to take it as I will have worn my 14 copies out in about 3 months. E-mail me for my addresss so you can sent it post haste.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

4:00 AM  

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