Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Boy is Back!

My favorite Swedish Idol runner-up is back y'all! With a brand new single and video!

And it's called "Perfect."


Now as you may or...let's be probably don't remember this dude that I blogged about over a year ago, so here's a little refresher course:
  • His name is Darin.
  • He is of Kurdish descent.
  • He came in second on "Swedish Idol 2004."
  • He released a couple of songs that have been in continuous rotation on the "workout" mix on my iPod.
And now...he's ready to take the next step with this little ditty about a lady friend of his who is..."perfect." maybe this song isn't one of Darin's best, but even so...a mediocre Darin single is still better than almost anything the boys of American Idol have released.

AND as an added bonus for my faithful readers, I've decided to include a couple of my favorite cheesetastic Darin tracks for you to enjoy.

Hope you like 'em!

I know I have.

(Song and Video via Catchy Tunes of Sweden)


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