Friday, October 06, 2006

What's Wrong With Her???

Is this really Frenchie's music on her "fan" MySpace page?

If so, I might be more than a little disappointed by the quality of the songs. Frenchie's voice is quite lovely (as it always is), but the songs sound like songs that Angie Stone wrote back in the fourth grade (during recess).

In other words, Frenchie isn't going to make a splash in the music biz just yet. But don't just listen to me, judge for yourself...

I might be more disappointed in my special ladyfriend. Here's to hoping that Eva the Diva smacks some sense into her, before she goes off and records any more fracking crap like this...

(Btw, this picture was supposedly taken at some Atlanta gay pride event...and there are now all these rumors floating around the internet claiming that these two teality TV divas are an "item." I don't know if there is any truth to this...but if there is...and they "are"...then I want to be at their commitment ceremony.)


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