Thursday, October 12, 2006

Best. Collaboration. Ever?

Have you ever loved a song...before you heard it?

Just because of the people involved?




Well, I've got a new song that I love...and I'm sharing it with you as I watch Part One of the Project Runway 3 finale...before I've even had the chance to listen to it myself.


Because it's the Idol's very own FANTASIA...on a track by COKO!!!

Who Coko?

Why she's the lead singer from my favorite 90s girl group, SWV!

If you need a refresher of the SWV ouvre, here it be...

SWV's BIG Ballad, "Weak."

SWV's BIG uptempo number, "I'm So Into You."

SWV's BIG remix (featuring a kick-ass MJ sample and an awesome video featuring the ladies on horses), "Right Here (Human Nature Remix)."

AND SWV's BIG song about eating vagina, "Downtown."

So now, I present to you...the song that I love, even though I haven't heard it yet...

Enjoy it!

I know I already have...

(Song via Beauty N The Beat)


Blogger Mr. French said...

I've probably been reading your blog for a good 2 years or so (maybe 3), and I just HAD to comment on this post. Man, you brought back some good memories! By the way, I enjoy reading your blog--It's quite humorous.

8:33 PM  

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