Friday, September 15, 2006

Will Young is the NEW Janet Jackson

Hi...wardrobe malfunctions are kinda hot!

To read the "full" story (and a hideous pun of a headline), CLICK HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at that concert and thoroughly enjoyed the view!! It's not surprising they split, Will's dance moves were fantastic and his voice was outstanding too.
We were hoping the same thing would happen at the next arena, but no such luck!!

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Running on Will power!
HE started the show as an air steward and finished as an unlikely bridegroom.

In between he was a sexy showjumper, a toy soldier, a cheesy gameshow host, a preppy version of 1950s perfection, and a casino croupier.
Throughout his two-hour concert at Sheffield's Arena last night, Will Young was pure class.
The evening was a spectacle - a piece of theatre as much as a pop concert.
Simple but eye-popping choreography, both from Will and his talented troupe of dancers, fought for space in front of stunning backdrop screens showing surreal, fast-moving projections - an airport, a quiz show, an all-American housewife - which set the scene for each part of the show.
Linking each section together the screens and curtains drew back, to reveal a rear-stage set up like an intimate jazz-club.
Will was funny and sweet. He got muddled up with which song was coming next, lost his mic-stand, and had to call for a towel after getting sweat in his eye.
The show was not only visually stunning but note-perfect and moving, too. Will's smooth vocals and distinctive sound made favourite tracks Leave Right Now, Light My Fire, Love The One You're With, All Time Love and Your Game all the more spine-tingling live.
The £30 tickets would have been cheap at twice the price.
Will's dancing and song-delivery, teamed with slick, spectacular production, combined to create the sort of show only American superstars rival.
His 2002 Pop Idol beginnings seem like a very distant memory indeed.These days Will Young performs like a megastar.

From Sheffield Star, UK provincial newspaper 20/9/06

4:05 AM  

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