Friday, September 22, 2006

Who's a Smash?

I was driving down Fountain Avenue the other day and I glanced over and saw this...

I pulled over to take a closer look...

...and it became clear that my eyes were not deceiving me.

Idol 4 defectee Mario Vazquez's album is dropping on September 26th...and his record company is already declaring it a "smash."

Here's the thing...thanks to the wonderful world of the internet...I've taken the time to download the album (and you can too, by clicking here)...and there is nothing "smash-ing" about the album.

It's smooth R&B...but zapped of any flavor. It's the musical equivalent of a Quesadilla...made with soy cheese.

The "hot" hit, "Gallery," is the only even remotely decent track on the album.

I feel badly for lil' Mario. He seems like a nice enough guy...but truth is...he ain't Ne-Yo.

And that's a hard thing to take.


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