Thursday, June 08, 2006

Together Again : The Chris Daughtry/Ed Kowa-bunchofconsonants Story

So do you remember what happened two weeks ago?

The Idol 5 Grand Finale aired to an audience of zillions?

You know...the one I'm talking about...the episode where Taylor "Ruben Studdard's White Counterpart" Hicks was crowned winner of the Idol 5!

Got it?


Now...think you remember when Chris Daughtry performed some lame new song with Live...instead of performing one of their five "good" old songs**?

Well, it turns out that in a desperate attempt to remain relevant to anyone under the age of 30...the band has decided to turn their brand new single into an Ed Kowa-something-or-other and Chris Daughtry duet!

The results are about as good as one could hope.

Which's totally forgettable wuss rock.

Don't believe me?

Take a listen for yourself:

Not bad...but not good either...RIGHT?

AND...while we are talking about all this...can we discuss how Chris escaped from his Idol contract shackles so fast?

I thought that the Idol Top 12 finalist contract made it impossible for anyone to do anything until they're as washed up and irrelevant as that 40 year-old asian dude that won "Fame."

I fear this is the topic that's going to keep me up tonight.


**For the record, 'Lightning Crashes,' 'The Beauty of Gray,' 'All Over You,' 'I Alone,' and 'Selling the Drama' are the only "good" Live songs. And by "good," I mean...I still enjoy them in the same way I still appreciate all of the "good" things that Better Than Ezra has to offer.

(Song/Story via ONTD...again)


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