Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Hates The Shift Key

Miss Clarkson has updated her online "journal" for the first time in ages...

date: 6.3.06

well i am officially back in the studio working on the next album and i have never been more excited about any other project i've been a part of!! it's sounding so aweosome :) today we're working on 'yeah', one of the new songs we're playing on the summer tour and it's one of my favorites. i can't wait for y'all to hear some of the new music ....seriously can't wait!

i'm also working on the summer tour right now as well, and this will honestly be the best tour i've done so far. there are just so many more elements and it's just gonna be so different in a good way. i mean, obviously i want each thing i do to get better and better so ....

anyway, i'll talk to y'all later

kc :)

oh, and the picture is of me and ashley ....this is what we look like when we frolic in australia, ha!

kelly frolics?

kelly doesn't like to captialize?

kelly really is JUST LIKE US!

(link via ONTD)


Blogger Jon Pareles said...

Very funny! Thanks for the funny no-caps Kelly post... hadn't seen that one before. Did you know she's on the Oasis discussion boards now? Seems they may have something going on...If you know if this is true or not (any relationship going on with the band Oasis) please let me know (you can leave a comment on my Kelly posts -- See my blog at

Thanks again for the interesting no-caps update!


9:56 PM  

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