Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Game Delay

Due to the fact that I'm slighly underwhelmed by the song choices of tonight's episode...and the fact that I'm attempting to have a social life beyond the wonderful world of television....my Idol 5 Top 3 Idol recap will not be posted until tomorrow evening, May 16th.

Thanks for reading!

judge jru


Anonymous Chuckles said...

Hey Jru! I know how you can relieve your boredom:

How about some more Kat-bashing:

How about a video of McPhee juggling the McTata's while on a foam matress on stage?
She was rehearsing a play called"24 Hours of Madness" in July of last year.

Credit goes to Dave at the phillyburbs.com AI site at: http://blogs.phillyburbs.com/american-idol

Can you say 'Frenchie'? I know that you could.


11:00 PM  

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