Monday, April 03, 2006

To Do: Marcia, Felicity.
Already Done: Teri, Eva.

I just received the following email and felt it was necessary to immediately share it with y'all:

From: Kalli McQ.
Date: Apr 3, 2006 10:59 AM
Subject: Pictures of Eva Longoria and Ryan Seacrest, 4/1/06

I went to the Spurs vs Wizards game in San Antonio on Saturday and lo and behold, who is sitting with Miss Eva? Ryan-freakin'-Seacrest! He was sitting about 2 sections over, a couple rows in front of us. I had a pretty clear shot of the two of them from my seat.

Conversation with my mom went as follows:
Kalli- Ooo, look, Eva's here tonight, she looks nice... who's that with - is that...? OHMYGODIT'SRYANSEACREST!!!! WHERE'S THE CAMERA?!?
Mom- Kalli, go over to the railing and take some pictures!
(Kalli gets sent back to her seat by security)
(Fast-forward to halfway through the 2nd quarter)
Mom- Kalli, quit being a stalker paparazzi and put the camera down and watch the game.
Kalli- But Eva just bought cotton candy and she's sharing it! I have to get a picture of her eating! THEY'RE LOOKING OVER HERE!!! JUST ONE MORE PICTURE!!!

So anyway, I thought you might enjoy the pictures. I'm not really sure why he was in town, but my mom thinks he's interviewing Eva and Tony about their new house for E News Live. He had his own little camera crew with him and Eva was all dressed up (she usually comes in jeans, tshirts and ballcaps). Ken Paves and some other blonde lady that I didn't recognize were also sitting with Ryan and Eva. Hope you like them!


BIG thanks to Kalli for the photos and the email!

First Eva...I wonder which Desperate Housewife the Seacrest is going hang with next.

Personally, I'm hoping it's Doug Savant.


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