Friday, April 07, 2006

Mandisa speaks!

An excerpt from Mandisa's interview with The Advocate Online:

There's been controversy about your comments on the Idol Web site and your appreciation for antigay writer and lecturer Beth Moore. Some took it as an endorsement of the "ex-gay" movement. What do you say to people who were turned off by that?

I just heard about that a couple of days ago. It broke my heart. I live my life by the value system that you treat others the way you want to be treated. I let love be my guide. I absolutely hate no one. When I heard that I was really upset.

Is there a conflict between being religious and being gay?

I know my value system, based on that, that on the word [of the Bible], that it does speak of that. I do know I have no place to judge anybody. I know that at the end of time we all face the judge and his name is not going to be Mandisa, so I cannot place any judgment on anyone.

Let me translate for everyone what that actually means:

God will judge all the sinners...those that do not live strictly by the words of the Bible...THAT means you homos! I don't hate the homos...I just think that God will judge them and that means that they are going to hell. But don't quote me on that...because that would really alienate people who might buy my album someday. And I wouldn't want to do that. A lady's gotta make a living somehow.

And scene.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From, here she professes that the "lifestyle" that lead to the venom from the gay community referred to her own issues with obesity and a "lifestyle" of overeating and inactivity...

[She also has no regrets about professing her faith to 30 million or so viewers. Last week, she prefaced her cover of Mary Mary's "Wanna Praise You" by dedicating the song to "everybody that wants to be free. Your addiction, your lifestyle or situation may be big, but God is bigger."

Those comments, as well as her listing of Christian author Beth Moore -- whose web site links to several "ex-gay" groups -- as one of her heroes led to speculation that Mandisa was anti-gay.

"I just heard about that recently," she says. "It broke my heart because I really think I live my life by the value system that you treat others the way you want to be treated. So I live my life guided by love. I absolutely hate nobody."

Her comments before the song, she says, had to do with her own weight issues. "That song is a very personal testimony to me," she says. "I've been dealing with a food-related addiction for much of my life. ... I've been living a lifestyle where I've been giving in to every indulgence of food that I've had. So that was just me saying that God is freeing me of it."]


7:00 AM  
Blogger Jimbo said...

Mandisa has a beautiful voice and a pretty face. But she just got her ass voted on Idol Island.

Here's the 2006 Idol crossword

6:07 PM  
Blogger Gabe said...

I am a believer and the sin of homosexuality is wrong, so whoever practices it doesn't acknowledge that is sin and their life isn't being lived for God. Christians do not hate homosexuals - so Mandisa was correct on her stand of not hating the individual. If we gave up on ever sinner there would be no body of Christ. Christ did not preach to go out and judge everyone and give up on whoever sinned. Would that not have been stupid? Every sinner has the same chance at confessing their sins and coming to Christ, some of us have done that and some of us have a harder nose and more of a selfish direction. Thanks for trying to make Mandisa look bad....many will try that.

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