Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Love is Blind (but it's definitely not deaf)

(Theme: Love Songs with the Blind Italian Man and the Stepfather of the Princes of Malibu)

1) Katharine "Flat Boobs" McPhee ("I Have Nothing," by Whitney Houston) - Katharine decided to pull out all the stops this week...by dressing in Big Bird Yellow and performing the song as DRAMATICALLY as possible. It was like she was on an episode of "The Starlet," trying to convince the very prestigious Faye Dunaway that she could ACT.

Katharine, I know that you don't want to hear it...but...

Don't call us...we'll call you.

2) Elliott "Love ME" Yamin ("A Song for You," by Donny Hathaway) - Every week, I watch Elliott's performances...desperately trying to think of something funny, witty, and/or exciting to say. And every week, I just feel like "Eh." There is nothing inherently wrong with Elliott, except that he's a little dull and earnest. He wants you to love him. A lot. And I just don't.

(And as for the whole Paula crying bit...well, that's a whole pile of crazy that I'm just not ready to deal with.)

3) Kellie "Cowboy Barbie" Pickler ("Unchained Melody," by the Righteous Brothers) - Is "House" on yet?

4) Paris "I don't have love thoughts" Bennett ("The Way We Were," by Barbara Streisand) - Lovely. Adorable. And finally, Paris has great hair.

5) Taylor "Andrea Bocelli called me INTERESTING" Hicks ("Just Once," by Quincy Jones/James Ingram) - Stick a fork in me...I'm done...with the Michael McDonald bullshit-iness that is Taylor Hicks.

6) Chris "I have no taste because I like Bryan Adams" Daughtry ("Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman," by Bryan Adams) - Guess who is back to FUELing everything he touches?

That's right. It's Chris Daughtry!

judge jru votes

Paris. She made me enjoy a song I hate like poison.

judge jru predicts

Elliott? Katharine? The Country Slut? Taylor? Chris?

Even Paris could go and I wouldn't think twice about it.

Is that wrong of me?

Has the Idol 5 officially and irreversibly jumped the shark?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I'll be in the other room...watching "So NoTORIous."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my one word review of last night's show: "meh".

btw, didn't Paris sing "Memories", not "The Way We Were"? Or was I just asleep during that part?

11:48 AM  

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