Monday, April 24, 2006

The Best Idol Related Gay Dance Song of 2006?

Remember Amanda Avila?

The Las Vegas Showgirl from the Idol 4 that didn't make it to the top 12...but got awfully close?

She never impressed me that much during her time on the Idol, but she has been doing a lovely job on "Reality Remix" AND she recently teamed up with the folks that produced RuPaul's latest album to "lay down some new tracks."

The resulting song, "Free Yourself," is availible for your listening pleasure on Amanda's MySpace music profile.

For a gay dance song, it's pretty good (and better than K-Lo's latest). It sounds like the type of music that Mandisa should be making...if she didn't hate the homos so much.

So click on over to Amanda's MySpace and take a listen.

It won't hurt that much.



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