Thursday, April 27, 2006

Awww...Kellie's Grandpa is Nice!

According to some mysterious Idol spy that posts on ONTD, the following bit is what you didn't see after Idol went off the air last night:

In case you missed it, lastnight everyone's favorite blonde Kelly Pickler was voted off American Idol and unless you were there this is what you missed:

Kelly never lost her composure.

She joked about how she knew she was leaving because she heard her ringtone from her performance.

After a couple of more jokes she said "Oh Lord, you want me to sing? Are you serious?'

After she was done Simon said "Why didn't you do it like THAT lastnight?!" The difference was incredible, she really nailed it.
Kelly went to the Judge's table and they did the normal hugging and "your going to do great" routine.

Paula told Kelly "You have no idea how many people, how many studios want you!" and Kelly's reply was a wide eyed "Really?"
Kelly then explained to the judges "You have no idea, we're kept in this American Idol bubble, we don't really know whats going on in the outside world!"

She told Randy she hopes her roller skates from flippin' burgers were parked for good. Not that Sonic was bad or anything she just hopes its past her.

Simon then joked with her about her performance she just gave versus the one from the night before.

The other idols appeared to take it worse than Pickler was. She continued to wave and smile at fans and the audience was released.

Backstage was fairly split. Many were happy that she was booted, based on singing talent but also explained they would miss her "funness" and "personality"

I heard a lot of "I just feel really bad for her grandpa, he's such a sweet guy" As opposed to last week when Ace got the boot there were a fair amount of people who were pretty choked up. (Last week it seemed as if every girl under 13 was crying their eyes out)

Didn't catch the THEME for next weeks IDOL? Rumor has it the theme is, if you can call it a theme is Songs from the year the contestants were born. Each contestant will sing TWO songs and there will be video clips from them growing up, clips from friends and family and each contestant will sing a song from the year they were born and the year they graduated. It is supposed to be an intimate Idol. NO WORD ON THE GUEST CELEB NEXT WEEK....

This "person" didn't even spell Kellie's name right...which might indicate that this report is far from reliable...but thanks to IM, no one can spell I'm gonna say that all of the info featured in this report is 100 percent true.

And if judge jru says it's true, then it's just like the Gospel...right?


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