Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oh Ace!

So Aron Records is having a giant closing out sale...because well, no one can compete with Amoeba.

I was on my way to work Sunday afternoon and well...I got a little distracted.

I ended up spending fifteen dollars on like eight CDs...including "The Little Vampire" Soundtrack.

Before you judge me, you have to know that this particular CD only cost me a dollar-sixty.

As I previously posted, the ONLY reason why anyone would buy this hideous soundtrack (Aaron Carter covers "Iko Iko"? No thanks.) is that the Idol 5's very own Ace Young is featured.

Back in the early days of the Idol 5, I was only able to post a clip from AceYoung.Net...BUT now...thanks to the wonders of the internet...I can bring you the full song!

I have to warn you...the whole thing is a bit disappointing...much like Ace's performances on the Idol for the past couple of weeks...which I guess makes the whole bit very fitting.


Or not.


Anonymous Joy said...

How is he allowed to be on Idol if he's already recorded something?

8:34 AM  

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