Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Dudes Disappoint!


1) Gedeon 'I'm ALSO an Artist' McKinney ("When A Man Loves A Woman," by Percy Sledge) - Whenever Gedeon talks, I want to scream like a into my closet...and shut out the world.

And whenever Gedeon sings, I want to slap him. Hard.

Also...who he kiddin' singing about lovin' a woman?

2) Chris 'Receding Hairline' Daughtry ("Broken," by Seether) - Just. Plain. Hot.

3) Kevin 'Closet Rap Star' Covais ("Vincent," by Don McLean) - I love Kevin Covais, the person. I love everything he stands for. Except for the fact that I don't really fancy his vocal performances.

4) Bucky 'I have an Identical Twin Just Like Becky O'Donohue' Covington ("Wave on Wave," by Pat Green) - Just. Plain. Boring.

5) William 'I Speak Japanese' Makar ("How Sweet It Is," by James Taylor) - William seems like a very nice boy, so it pains me to say that this boy just doesn't have "it."

And by "it," I mean the ability to sing in a fashion that doesn't make me want to shoot my face off.

6) Taylor 'I Used To Scare Children At the Local Shopping Mall' Hicks ("Taking It To The Streets," by the Doobie Brothers) - When I don't look at him and he's singing, Taylor is actually pretty good. But then, when I look back at the teevee, my soul shrivels.

7) Elliot 'I'm Deaf In One Ear' Yamin ("Heaven," by Bryan Adams) - Is it wrong to admit that about halfway through Elliot's performance...I got all excited when I realized that he was singing the dance hit of 2002? I know. I know. Bryan Adams must be rolling over in his grave.

Now if only he was actually dead, then that last bit would make sense.

8) Ace 'Handyman' Young ("You Give Me Butterflies," by Michael Jackson) - A little dodgy.

judge jru votes

I voted for Chris once. And then I was done.

judge jru predicts

Kevin and Bucky?

Or William?

Or maybe...just maybe...we can say bub-bye to Gedeon?


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