Sunday, March 12, 2006

Baby V's Struggle!

Back before the fame, the lights, and her awkward interactions with Ryan Seacrest, Idol 4 finalist (and judge jru favorite), Vonzell Solomon, recorded a CD.

You can now hear a sample song snippet on her official (extremely cluttered) website or by clicking on the following link:

The snippet sounds very enjoyable for modern R & B...almost Latoya London-esque.

If you are a brave, trusting soul that can't wait to get their hands on any and all things Vonzell, you can buy the CD from Baby V's people on her official merchandise page.

I totally would buy the CD myself, but here's the thing...I'm going to resiste temptation and just hold-out until the official release of Vonzell's post-Idol CD. Th one that her site says is "currently being recorded on her independent record label, Melodic Records."


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