Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That Grey Haired Dude

It turns that the Idol 5 contestant that has gone prematurely grey (the one known to many as Taylor Hicks) self-released a CD back in his pre-Idol days.

Thanks to the good folks over at TV Squad, I was able to web-surf my way over to a local NPR station in Alabama...where three of Taylor's tracks are available to download for free.

People who like Taylor are bound to enjoy a listen at what Taylor is able to do when he isn't being forced to sing songs written by other people

Even people like me (who don't care for him that much) can also take a listen. I have to say that I may have been too quick to blow Taylor off as just a Joe Cocker lame-o. He's really much more of a Joss Stone with a penis (and by the way, that bit doesn't work for me either).

AND just in case that NPR station gets overwhelmed with traffic (hey, it's local public broadcasting), I've provided y'all with an alternative place to click to hear all that young man Hicks has to offer:


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