Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bo Bice Rocks Out! OK...Not Really.

Bo Bice has finally released a video for his "hit" song, "The Real Thing" (it recently dropped from #95 to #100 on Billboard's Pop 100 Chart).

Surprising no one, the video is just as bland and nondescript as the song (and the album).

The entire video
consists of Bo walking around the streets of an unnamed city, while cute pretty blonde girls get very excited to see the Idol runner-up. In the end, the cute blonde girls end up seeing Bo rock out...live in concert!

I was going to do a frame-by-frame analysis of the whole thing...

But then I got bored.

So instead...all you get is three shots of Bo...in various stages of "rocking out."

1) Bo rocks out softly.

2) Bo rocks out just like Jesus.

3) Bo rocks out like Kelly Clarkson.

It's official (or at least it's official to me). The words "rock" and "Bo Bice" can no longer be used in a sentence...unless someone is being "ironic."

Because on this day, Bo Bice has finally revealed himself to be as authentically "rock" as Lindsay Lohan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Clive Davis had a little something to say about what songs were chosen for Bo's cd. If you'd like to see Bo rock out you should check out some of his original material or, even better yet, catch him in concert. It's a little harsh to be so judgmental when Bo is under contract with a record company that wants a pop hit.

3:14 AM  
Blogger laura said...

laughing my ass off at "bo rocks out like Jesus" - yeah 19 entertainment has taken posession of his manhood for good, it seems. poor bo.

5:42 AM  

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