Thursday, February 09, 2006


CLICK HERE to read all about the latest development in the Clay Aiken sex scandal (included in the link is a mp3 of John "I Heart Clay a Little Too Much" Paulus' visit to Howard Stern new satellite radio show).

I must warn y'all...the whole thing was a little too graphic and intense for my virgin ears.

So with that warning, you are free to click on the above link...and learn everything you always wanted to know about Clay (*but were too afraid to ask).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All right...I'll buy the story of them hooking up. It matches up with my friend's story about him meeting up with Clay after chatting on In fact, judging by these stories, my friend's look, and other stories I've heard, Clay DEFINITELY has a type that he likes.

But the agressive top and supposed raping?!? PLEASE!! It seems physically impossible...

My friend who hooked up with Clay said that he was very sweet and pleasant and this guy's story could be farther from that. There seems to be some major embellishment happening here...

6:40 PM  

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