Friday, February 17, 2006

Ace & Katharine are the NEW Carrie & Bo???

According to online bookies, they are.

OK enough with the boring non-story, it's all really an excuse for me to make some predictions of my own.

So here it is...

judge jru's psychic prediction network presents
(at least who I think they will be)

1) Katharine McPhee

2) Ace Young

3) Mandisa Hundley

4) Chris Daughtry

5) Kellie Pickler

6) Taylor Hicks

7) Paris Bennett

8) William Makar

9) Lisa Tucker

From this point on, it gets a little harder...

10) Patrick Hall OR Kevin Covais

11) Becky O'Donohue OR Heather Cox

12) Jose "Sway" Panala OR David Radford

I'll be sure to revise my sacred list of lists after the Tuesday and Wednesday performance episodes (although I'm relatively confident that I won't have to).

Um...wait a minute...I just looked at FOX official website.

Both Tuesday night's and Wednesday night's episodes are TWO hours long???

What's wrong with THEM?

I don't have time for this!!!


Blogger Mandel said...

WHAT?! No David Radford? Booo... :-P

5:57 PM  
Blogger baby said...

it's too early i guess..but yeah, i do love katharine and ace..both good looking? hehe..

11:44 PM  
Anonymous maehoe said...

no david radford ? i had to scroll a billion of times noticing how david ain't there.. oh well its ur prediction :D

4:48 AM  

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