Sunday, January 22, 2006

She Ain't No Jasmine

Remember this ho?

Camile Velasco?

The OTHER chick from Hawaii on the Idol 3?

Well, it turns out that she was briefly signed to Motown/Universal...AND she released a single "Hangin' On," before being dropped by the major label for "unknown" reasons.

My best guess as to why Camile was dropped?

Because the good people over at Motown/Universal finally got around to LISTENING to this crap single, which is just a strange hip-hop/dancehall version of the Supremes classic, "You Keep Me Hanging On."

to go to iTunes to download the latest Idol-related musical disastrophe...if you dare.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my you are such a bitch. Camile is the best

9:33 AM  

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