Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat!

judge jru's live blog of episode 4 of the Idol 5

8:00pm - American Idol's Travel Stop Tonight? San Francisco, California!

8:02pm - Blonde Opera singer Happy Heidi...really?

8:03pm - Did Paula just call "Angels," a Jessica Simpson song???


Sorry about that little rant. I just don't like it when people don't give props to my boy, Robbie. Yes, Jessica sang the song at one moment in time...but it ain't her song.

8:12pm - Jose "Sway" Penala is one suave character...although the personalized belt buckle might be a little much.

8:24pm - In the intro package, Katherine McPhee refers to the fact that she was once in her mom's tummy. Really? At 21, this girl is still referring to her mom's womb as her TUMMY? I know someone who needs a copy of "Our Bodies, Ourselves."

8:25pm - I am enjoying the whole Katherine McPhee/Stage Mother thing. It feels very "Center Stage." I can't wait for the episode where Katherine announces to her mother that she is quitting the Idol. I can hear Miss McPhee declaring her independence now. "Mom, you didn't have the look. I don't have the heart."

8:32pm - Oh Shalicia!

8:33pm - Slam Poetry on the Idol!

8:35pm - What is up with Simon helping Shalicia get her job back? Is he actually human? Did his heart grow three sizes bigger?

8:38pm - Baby...Baby...Baby! My baby, Reese Witherspoon, is on the the TeeVee!

8:48pm - Who cares about the judges' little tiff? I'm wicked excited that someone was singing Robyn on the TeeVee!

8:52pm- How old is Deborah Dawn Tilley? Twenty-seven? More like thirty-seven!

8:55pm - Woo! Simon walks out! Shocking!

And by shocking...I mean not at all...because they have been teasing this bit all night.

8:56pm - Manuel Viramontes' voice is spicy! Not good...Not hot...SPICY! Why? Because he does shots of Tapatio before he performs.

8:59pm - Next week...we're off to Las Vegas! Woo frickin' hoo!

9:00pm - OK...I'm off to watch the wicked awesome one/two shot of Veronica Mars AND Lost!


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