Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kelly is the NEW Annie Lennox?

So I was geeking out on the internet tonight...and I came across this clip of Kelly singing Annie Lennox's "Why."

(Click on the picture above to see the video)

The video quality is not the best and you can hear people singing along with Kelly at certain points, but damn...you can still tell that Kelly sings the pants off this song!

Remember the days when Kelly would sing the pants (and the skirts) off of every song she performed on the Idol 1?

Those were the days...


As Randy, Simon, and Paula embark on yet another season of the Idol tonight, one can only hope and dream that this is the season that finds a NEW Kelly Clarkson...


Blogger Douglas said...

Kelly is so good that even that stupid movie with Justin couldn't kill her career.

And yes, she did a great job on Why? by Annie Lennox.

12:24 PM  

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