Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Carrie like totally LOVES prom!

The lovely and talented, but slightly robotic Carrie Underwood is gracing the cover of the new special PROM edition of CosmoGIRL magazine...

Is it just me or are the good people at CosmoGIRL making Miss Underwood look like the Clarkson in that cover pic? All you need is a bejeweled booger...I mean, nose-stud and Carrie could be Kelly's long lost twin half-sister!

Hmm...am I the only one that feels like Carrie is channeling Yoanna's underwater photo from cycle 2 of the Top Model? Who was the "Art Director" on this photo shoot? Mr. Jay Manuel???

Nobody puts Carrie in a corner! NOBODY!

Seriously though, Carrie doesn't look like a robot here at all...

Well, robots can't really be constipated...right?

(Pics via Rosie...no NOT that Rosie...this Rosie!)


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