Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Altitude Sickness

First off, I apologize for the slight delay in posting my live blog of night #2 of the Idol 5, but it was a very busy TV night for me...with the figure skating edition of "Project Runway," the big world premiere of "Skating with Celebrities," and the non-figure skating episode of "Lost."

I was also very distressed and distracted by the breaking news that the Brittenum twins from yesterday's edition of the Idol are allegedly thieves.

judge jru's live blog of the 2nd episode of the Idol 5

8:00 pm - Woo...the Idol goes to Denver tonight! My Aunt and Uncle live there. Hi...Uncle Larry! Hi...Aunt Susan!

8:02 pm - Marlows Davis Junior performs for the first and last time on the Idol. Don't fret Marlows! You can still dream big! If RuPaul and Willa Ford can be "best-selling" recording artists, so can you!

8:05 pm - Tiffany Christensen. Exhibit #2,978,432 in the case against Daisy Dukes.

8:06 pm - Enter talented Irene Cara look-a-like, Lisa Tucker.

Uninteresting bit of useless trivia, there is an actress named Lisa Tucker listed on IMDb who only has one credit to her name...the 1978 short film called "Junior High School," also featuring the one and only Miss Paula Abdul. Somehow...I doubt that this 16 year old is the same actress.

However, I am pretty sure that THIS is the right Lisa Tucker:

The girl's been on CBS's "Star Search!"

As a JUNIOR singer!

AND she almost won her season of the Search!

Just like the Idol 4's very own Jessica Sierra AND Nadia Turner AND Amanda Avila AND Joseph Murena!

Watch out comes Lisa Tucker!


8:11 pm - I seriously couldn't be more excited for "Skating with Celebrities" if I tried. John Zimmerman is another one of my once and future boyfriends...please don't tell his wife.

8:15 pm - Brett "Ace" Young is going to Hollywood...hopefully straight to my house. No...I don't want him to come visit because he's's because I love his "personality" just as much as the judges did.

8:17 pm - The almost homeless Rochelle Elaine Dye out Fantasia-s Fantasia with her performance of "Chain of Fools."

8:25 pm - Ryan Seacrest definitely has never...and will never any way, shape, or form.

8:26 pm - Bald-headed Chris Daughtry is the NEW cuter, sexier, more responsible, slightly less confident Bo Bice.

8:32 pm - Riddle me is "That 70s Show" still on?

8:35 pm - AH! Turkeys on TV! And it's not "The Help!"

8:37 pm - Awwwww! Cute little cowboy Garet Johnson is SO nervous. He clearly needs a couple of years practice, but the judges are sending him to Hollywood just because he's ever so nice.

8:42 pm - WARNING: I'm going to turn into a giant homo here.

WOoOoOoOooOOOoOoOOooo Wentworth Miller!

WooOOOoOoooooooOOOoOOo Prison Break!


OK...I'm done now.

8:43 pm - I seriously hate the way Idol makes fun of the these guys...

8:44 pm - However, I would like to order a couple of COSMIC COASTERS for the living room.

8:54 pm- April Walsh is a little too cutesy...a little too crazy...a little too Amy Adams for my taste.

8:57 pm - No making fun of 18 year old Trannies named Zachary! Playing "The Crying Game" in the background is such a cheap shot! Shame on you Idol! Shame!

You best be careful FOX...or else I'll sick Jaye Davidson on yo ass!

Now if only someone knew what the heck happened to him...

9:00 pm - Seriously? There are going to be two whole hours of auditions to watch on Tuesday? Again? Well, I guess I should just come to terms with the fact that the good people over at Idol have hijacked my life...and aren't letting me have it back until the end of May.



Blogger Lisa said...

ok so you were on american idol... I know marlows davis since I was a baby. He was sick that day that is why he couldnt sing. if you dont belive me check out his myspace he has songs he made/created he spent a lot to go to the studio n stuff. he his a great singer did you know him/meet him?

12:15 PM  

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