Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Locke is Tops!

As y'all may know, I'm a HUGE fan of the Kimberley Locke.

Loved her on the Idol. Loved her hit single "8th World Wonder." Loved her performance at Popstarz.

But seriously...what is up with Kimberley lately?

She just unleashed a new tune on the world of Adult Contemporary Radio...a truly hideous remake of the Xmas Classic, "Up on the Housetop!"

It sounds like Kidz Bop...only without the cool kitschy hipster factor.

Yet's #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary airplay chart this week!

I was carrying around a backpack full of shame for Kimberley...for all of three minutes, because then...I found her latest celeb-blog entry about her cats -- complete with a picture collage!

who geeks out and devotes an entire blog entry to their cats is tops in my book.

Welcome back from the "dark place" Kimberley!

Welcome back.

(Did I just use the words "tops in my book" to describe someone? I have been back home in Delaware for less than three hours...and I'm already talking like my parents. Someone send help. Please.)


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