Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tamyra is the NEW Kimberley Locke!

Check out Miss Tamyra in this new ad campaign for H & M jeans:


&denim will be launched world-wide in September 2005, supported by a six minute film. The intention is to deliver a modern love story - from a new H&M angle. At the end of the film, the importance of fashion yields to the forces of true love. The soulful music and dance based drama takes place in the streets of New York City. It's current and exciting. Jennifer Holiday's And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going serves as the narrative that drives the story, together with When I First Saw You.

Both songs come from the musical Dreamgirls and are performed by Tamyra Gray and Mary J. Blige. Their expressive interpretations of the powerful lyrics tell the story perfectly. The &denim film is the result of a cooperation between H&M Red Room and director/photographer David LaChapelle. A national special advertising campaign will run exclusively in the September and October issues of Interview magazine as well as other regional publications throughout the country. The film will soon be aired at cinemas all over the world.

What's with TWO Tamyra stories in one week?

Clearly...this fall...everything's coming up Tamyra...Tamyra...Tamyra!


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