Monday, July 18, 2005

worst. t-shirt. ever.

The best friend a Idol obsessed homo could ask for (aka: Doria) just sent me these amazing photos of some of the Idol 4 contestants. Enjoy!

Carrie is "very busy."

Bo looks like he lost a lot of weight.

Vonzell looks as cute as ever.

Scott looks like an idiot.

Nadia is almost as cute as the Vonz!

Jessica looks like death.

AND Constantine looks like an asshole (and it looks like he is wearing more makeup than Jessica).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jessica does indeed look like death in that picture, but she looked cute, tanned, and alive (though very tired) at the actual time and place where those pics were taken (near buses after Birmingham concert). She had just come out of the shower (thus the wet hair and no makeup) and was endearingly wearing slippers and what appeared to be her pajamas. Nadia, the other female Idol who seemed to be without makeup, was quite striking. Both were very personable and polite. I only managed to get pics of those two, Anwar, and Scott before my camera battery died, but I saw all the Idol finalists. I was most surprised by Bo's appearance; he really is a little guy in terms of both body frame and height.

9:31 PM  

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