Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Two For One


THEME ONE: Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller

1) Anthony Fedorov ("Poison Ivy," by The Coasters) - I have to admit...in recent weeks, Anthony's whole "gee whiz" thing was actually growing on me...but after this sub-par performance, I'm not so sure that Anthony is anything more than a glorified seat filler.

2) Scott Savol ("On Broadway," by George Benson) - When I saw that Scott had shaved off his ridiculous neck beard this week, I got all excited thinking that Scott might change things up and actually perform his song totally in tune this week. Unfortunately, Scott's performance wasn't nearly as smooth as his newly shorn skin.

3) Vonzell Solomon ("Treat Me Nice," by Elvis Presley) - I wasn't digging Vonzell's denim capri pants ensemble, but I definitely dug her performance.

4) Bo Bice ("Stand By Me," by Ben E. King) - Unlike "Scotty the Body," Bo looks damn good with facial hair...although I could do without seeing his weird flame-y cross chest tatoo. That thing just freaks me out.

5) Carrie Underwood ("Trouble," by Elvis Presley) - If you close your eyes, Carrie Underwood's performances tend to be quite brilliant. BUT when you keep your eyes open, her performances feel about as natural as Paula Abdul's acting in "Touched By Evil" (that TV movie where Paula dated her rapist and hung out with that sassy nun from "Father Dowling").

THEME TWO: Any Song From This Week's Billboard Top 40 Charts

1) Anthony Fedorov ("Incomplete," by the Backstreet Boys) - Meet Anthony Fedorov, the long lost sixth member of the Backstreet Boys.

2) Scott Savol ("Everytime You Go Away," by Brian McKnight) - Hated It!

3) Vonzell Solomon ("When You Tell Me That You Love Me," by the Idol 4 Finalists) - Even with the horrendous choice of song, the Vonz pulled off yet another cute performance.

4) Bo Bice ("Heaven," by Los Lonely Boys) - Bo is much like a musical Rumpelstiltskin. He turns piss poor songs into music gold.

5) Carrie Underwood ("Bless the Broken Road," by Rascal Flatts) - I've finally realized who Carrie reminds me of...VICKI, the robot girl from "Small Wonder!" The poor thing needs to get her batteries recharged.


Vonzell, Bo, Vonzell, Bo, Vonzell


Scott and Anthony


Blogger laura said...

vicki the robot girl! i have vague traumatic childhood memories of that show (along with the PBS movie Konrad...what was with the 80s and robotic children?) i had completely forgotten about that show--thanks for imdb-ing it.

5:35 AM  

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