Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Philly, yo!


THEME ONE: "Nashville, TN"

1) Carrie Underwood ("Sin Wagon," by the Dixie Chicks) - Personally, I love the Dixie Chicks...but I question the country robot queen's song choice here. Is it really a good idea to sing a song about riding on a "sin wagon" written by the "liberal vilanesses" of country music? It's not really a way to garner votes in the red states Carrie...

2) Bo Bice ("Great Day To Be Alive," by Travis Tritt) - I'm not really digging the whole Nashville theme...it's really just an excuse for producer's to show off Carrie's specialty and it's not fair to the non-country contestants in the competition. Bo did a fine job here...but it wasn't really anything special.

3) Vonzell Solomon ("How Do I Live," by Trisha Yearwood) - For the first time in weeks, Vonzell stumbles...and then during judging, she cries. Something happened behind the scenes this week with my Vonzell...and I don't care for it. I don't care for it at all!

4) Anthony Fedorov ("I'm Already There," by Lonestar) - Well...at least Anthony looked pretty in denim.

THEME TWO: "Philadelphia, PA" (the songwriting team of Gamble & Huff)

1) Carrie Underwood ("If You Don't Know Me," made famous by Simply Red) - Carrie's performance was much like her personality: Blonde, Bland, and Boring.

2) Bo Bice ("For the Love of Money," made famous by the O'Jays) - The big sister says that she can no longer watch Bo without thinking of him buying cocaine in a sleazy strip joint. And frankly, neither can I...although I do love the idea of the fourth American Idol being ever so slightly dirty. The thought of a Bo Bice/Kelly Clarkson duet makes me get all warm on the inside.

3) Vonzell Solomon ("Don't Leave Me This Way," made famous by Thelma Houston) - Thank g-d Vonzell got that Prozac injection she so desperately needed! The Vonz is back! And she's peppier than ever!

4) Anthony Fedorov ("If You Don't Know Me," made famous by Simply Red and destroyed by Carrie Underwood) - Surprising everyone (except for a select few), Anthony outperformed Carrie on this cheesetastic classic. If Anthony goes home this week, I think he should blame it on the fact that someone lied to him...and then let him walk out onstage without shaving his flavor-saver goatee. Nothing says "I'm not quite ready to be an American Idol" like disastrous wispy facial hair (see also: A.J. Gil, Scott Savol, and countless Idol semi-finalists).


Bo, Bo, and one sympathy vote for the Vonzell.


Vonzell and Anthony...of course.


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