Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Paula's "Special Friend"


So...ABC has finally confirmed what we already knew. Their "Fallen Idol" special is all about Paula's inappropriate relationship with the infamous Corey Clark.

Below are some highlights from this breaking news "story":

Clark, then 22, said that during the competition he had an off camera relationship with Abdul, then 40, which was at first platonic but later became sexual. He said Abdul, who was herself a chart-topping singer in the late 1980s, initially told him, "I want to look out after you like I'm your mom." He said Abdul then quickly changed her mind and said, "Well, maybe more like your special friend."

Clark said Abdul helped him with his look even choosing a hair stylist and gave him prescription cough syrup, with a prescription made out in her name, to soothe his throat.

Clark said he thought Abdul was "polishing that dust off the dirty diamond and helping me shine a little bit."

He said he and Abdul were friends for a month and then it became a romantic relationship.

For the full story, click here.

* * *

Apparently, Paula is no better at speaking in real life than she is at speaking on national television.


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