Monday, April 11, 2005

Verraros + the Aiken = "Gross"

Just last week, the Verraros was interviewed by the Windy City Times about his new movie and CD. The in-depth interview features many juicy soundbites from the Idol 1 contestant, including "Everyone thinks I’m a bitch," "I love Mikalah," and "I want to play a crack whore!"

But my favorite bit of banter between the Verraros and his intrepid interviewer has to be:

LF: Would you do a duet with Clay?

JV: Never.

LF: But you could help him come out.

JV: No. I wouldn’t. Uch. I couldn’t. I’d rather duet with Kelly or George Michael. Oh no. Gross.


Blogger Andrea V said...

I just wanted to say you rock the blog! I love American Idol and your site is hilarious! Awesome work dude keep it up.

10:34 PM  
Blogger The Anonymous Nutcase said...

Oh throw those two into a boxing ring and let them bitch slap each other already!

5:14 AM  

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