Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Paula is the NEW Looney

So Kristin over at E! Online has an interesting bit o' Idol gossip for y'all.

FIRST, she posts the following bit in her column:

I Know Something You Don't Know (aka...the Blind Riddle): You know what this column needs? A whole lotta estrogen. And I have just the girl for the job--we'll call her Looney Lolita, who happens to be the one constant many of you cannot stand on a certain well-known, widely watched show. Turns out, producers actually tried to fire her in the third season, but this crazy girl would not take no for an answer. She broke down and wept and begged for her job back for days on end, offering to work without the perks she had in the first season--including her own hair and makeup team. They agreed, and, sadly, the mess continues...

AND THEN, she posts this in her weekly chat transcript:

From ex: The ice queen isn't Paula Abdul?

Kristin: No, she's not. But she might be another Blind Riddle. (Whoopsie, did I say that out loud?)

From tivoteacher : That last Blind Riddle about the chick who wouldn't take being fired as an answer sounds like a crazy '80s pop star--and I ain't thinkin' it's Tiffany or Debbie Gibson.

Kristin: Straight up now tell me. Who do you think it is?

Hmmm...I wonder WHO Kristin is talking about?


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