Monday, April 25, 2005

Kelly Clarkson Has No Idea How To Save Social Security

I was a very bad Kelly Clarkson fan this weekend. I got so caught up in throwing a birthday BBQ for the big sister that I totally forget to blog a shout out to Kelly on her birthday (April 24th). tribute to Miss Clarkson, I will now complete this blog entry like an obsessive Claymate:


I hope you will find room in your heart to forgive me for missing your birthday...BUT if you are still angry about it...maybe you should write how you feel down on paper...and then, maybe one can turn that little freewrite into a song. Perhaps you can call the song, "Since U Been Blogged" or "Blogaway" or "A Moment Like judge jru?"

Just a thought...

Love, hugs, and kisses,
judge jru

PS: I'm really not one of those crazy obsessive fans. I'm actually quite laid when you get back to LA...I would love to take you out and buy you a bottle of water...and then, I could sell your backwash on eBay.

PPS: It'll be super-fun.

PPPS: Promise!

* * *

In other news...Kelly looks wicked hot on the cover of Texas Monthly.

That headline is pretty


Blogger TRENT said...

You forgot to mention Kelly Clarkson's birthday ... what kind of American Idol blog is this?!

I want my money back!

11:35 AM  

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