Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Whaddup with Paula's hair?


1) Aloha Mischeaux - Why does Aloha insist on wearing a flower every week? Doesn't she know that any correlation to that Idol 3 ho Jasmine Trias is a BAD thang?

2) Lindsay Cardinale - I miss Julia DeMato.

3) Jessica Sierra - Property Livin' Jessica has to stop fellating the microphone. This is a family show! (One other thing, white jeans should not be worn before OR after Labor Day.)

4) Mikalah Gordon - Hi, I think Mikalah Gordon has a penis. She would fit right in with one of those sad ass Fran Drescher wannabe drag queens trolling for tricks and Eddie Murphy on Santa Monica Boulevard.

5) Celena Rae - You know someone is bad when you obsess about her fringe earrings more than her off-key performance.

6) Nadia Turner - I thought Justin Guarini was great tonight.

7) Amanda Avila - Twenty minutes after Amanda's performance, I still can't come up with anything interesting to say about her. Is House on yet?

8) Janay Castine - Oops! Someone looks like a broke Christina Milian!

9) Carrie Underwood - It literally took me over half of Carrie's performance to realize what song she was singing ("Piece of my Heart"). I'm still not sure whether it's a good or bad thing.

10) Vonzell Solomon - Vonzell, Vonzell, Vonzell...I'm disappointed in you.


Janay Castine and Celena Rae

Maybe Amanda Avila? (if God loves me more than he loves her)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some PPL have NOTHING better to do than pick on those who make them jealous!!! aka Judge Jackass!! He must have been one of the sucky "wannabe singers" who didn't make it past their hometown!! Too bad, so many ppl dwell!!! Get over it, and yourself!!

3:27 PM  

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