Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Springtime for Verraros

For some inexplicable reason, I am obsessed with Jim Verraros, the ONLY openly gay Idol finalist.

It's not like I think he's hot (he's not my type)...it's just that...uh...he's kind of like my own personal gay Paris Hilton (or Courtney Peldon). I get very excited when there is a spotting and I'm constantly clamoring to find out just what the heck he is going to do next in his ongoing quest to infiltrate the entertainment industry.

The latest on Jim is that his album, "Rollercoaster," drops on April 26th. There is already a bit of gay blog buzz building...and I have to admit the bits of the album I've heard are actually pretty catchy. I'm even tempted to pre-order it on Amazon (but I haven't yet).

Take a listen: "You Turn It On" - Jim Verraros

AND to top it all off, Jim's acting career is about to take off with the release of the gay indie film, "Eating Out."

(FYI, one of Jim's co-stars is Ryan Carnes, the hot new lawn boy that was caught frenching Bree Van De Kamp's punk-ass son on "Desperate Housewives.")

You can finally check out the trailer for the film here.

The film is already playing to packed crowds in San Francisco and will be released in LA, NYC, and Pasadena on April 8th.

Although the trailer doesn't give me much confidence in the overall quality of the film...I'll still be there opening weekend.


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