Friday, March 25, 2005

judge jru is in the building

Due to the fact that I happen to be friends with some of the coolest kids in town, I finally lived out my dream of attending a live taping of the Idol...and I managed to do it without having to wait in that god awful line.


1) Most American Idol fans are either crazy, twelve years old, or gay.

I was very happy that the sister was there to protect me from the wacky red-headed chick with the flower in her hair that was determined to get on TV no matter what.

2) The soundstage where American Idol is set isn't as big as it looks on the TV.

I was shocked to discover that the set is about as big as your average high school auditorium.

3) Constantine is by far the tallest contestant on the Idol.

It was a rather surprising revelation for me...but I still hate him.

4) Anthony Fedorov only uses the bottom two buttons of his shirt.

From forty feet away, I was finally able to see the charm of Anthony Fedorov...although I still maintain that he is the guy that you date for a couple of weeks, until you realize that he is only semi-good looking and outside of that whole medical miracle thing...he's kinda dull.

5) Mikalah's Mother's hairdo is a force of nature.

Seriously. You have to see it in person to truly comprehend it's stature.

6) There is absolutely, positively no gum chewing allowed on television.

If the ushers see you chewing gum, they will come over and make you spit it out into their hands.

7) There is an Ugly, Out-Of-Town Section of the Audience in the dark recesses of the studio

...and the sister and I were stuck smack dab in the middle of it.

8) If you are not a friend/family member of one of the contestants, there is only one way to get seated in the first few rows: you have to dress like Paris Hilton.

So not hot.

9) Jessica Sierra cries at the drop of the hat.

She started crying a good ten minutes before the end of the show.

10) The contestant that gets kicked off the Idol is informed of that fact a good five minutes before Ryan Seacrest tells the rest of America.

During the final commercial break, the puffy jacket lady (aka: the director/producer) pulled Mikalah aside. Nadia was left onstage looking confident. When Mikalah returned to center stage, she had tears in her eyes and everyone rushed over to give her a hug.

I also came to the realization that FOUR of the top 10 contestants sound even better live than they do on the TV. They are: Carrie Underwood, Vonzell Solomon, Jessica Sierra, and Bo Bice. I will be a very happy homo, if these guys ended up being the top four for the Idol 4.

Anyways...on to the results...


  • Anthony "Miracle" Fedorov
  • Nadia "Mohawk" Turner
  • Mikalah "My Mom is in need of an Extreme Makeover" Gordon

And in the end...we said bub-bye to Mikalah Gordon.

The thing I'm gonna miss most about Mikalah?

Her mom and her fabulous hair-don't...of course.


Blogger Monkeymay said...

Whoa!! You're so lucky!! Did you manage to meet the idols like Carrie and Bo??

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for that! It was very interesting.

What else can you tell us? I'm a Bo and Nikko fan. What's the scoop?

Also, is Carrie an android?

12:21 PM  

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