Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How long until House is on?

THEME: the 90s

1) Bo Bice - Why is Bo trying to do the whole wannabe Greg Allman thing? Doesn't he know what happened to Greg? He married Cher! And who wants that?

2) Jessica Sierra - Fine Leann Rimes imitation by Jessica. Nothing special though.

3) Anwar Robinson - Of all the songs that were released in the 90s...by all of the artists that performed in the 90s...why would Anwar, a music teacher for CHILDREN, choose a song originally sung by golden shower aficionado, R. Kelly, for a "family" show like the Idol???

4) Nadia Turner - Guess who is using the lesbian family and friends calling plan to muster up votes? That's right...Nadia Turner. Nothing says I need my lesbian brothers and sisters to band together more than a gritty rendition of Melissa Etheridge's "I'm The Only One."

5) Constantine Maroulis - And nothing say's I'm a grunge rocker like performing a Bonnie Raitt song...however, the big sister originally thought that Constantine was performing a Better Midler song. I would have paid to see that....especially if the Maroulis performed "From a Distance," because I could have personally accompanied him on the piano.

(FYI, I took piano lessons for eight years and the only song I can still remember how to play? "From a Distance," by Bette Midler)

6) Nikko Smith - Meet Nikko Smith, the long lost fifth member of Boyz II Men.

7) Anthony Fedorov - Anthony Fedorov without his glasses is like seeing Tom Selleck without his mustache or Cameron Diaz without the makeup. It's something that nobody wants to see.

8) Carrie Underwood - I enjoy the Underwood. I have nothing bad to say about the Underwood. So I'll leave the Underwood alone.

9) Scott Savol - The terrible pencil thin mustache is still there and it's driving me crazy! I feel like Scott is refusing to shave just to spite me and the 'stache haters of America.

10) Vonzell Solomon - I loves me some Vonzell. And I love Vonzell's family and friends even more.


Vonzell, Vonzell, Vonzell


Nikko Smith, Scott Savol, and Anthony Fedorov


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